While many medical scheduling services can help connect locums and moonlighters with hospitals and other facilities, the best locum tenens companies also provide quality medical support. These medical support teams can be the difference between a lucrative, enjoyable locum tenens or moonlighting position—and one where providers get left in the dark.

The best locum tenens companies give locums and moonlighters access to medical experts who know the ins and outs of the healthcare industry. With their aid, locums providers can trust they have everything needed to succeed in their moonlighting and locum tenens assignments.

Here are just a few of the many ways that locums and moonlighters can rely on their locum tenens company’s medical support specialists.

1. Medical Advice

One of the greatest benefits medical support teams can offer is general advice on providing the best care to patients. This advice is often particularly beneficial for residents and fellows, who often find the input of experienced physicians instrumental in helping them start on the right foot in the medical field.

Medical professionals know that diagnosing and treating patients goes far beyond textbook learning, and the guidance of experienced physicians can help moonlighters and locums in the numerous, demanding facets of a provider’s responsibilities.

2. Advice on Medical Insurance & the Healthcare Business

Choosing the right medical insurance plan can be a confusing and complex process. The same is true with many elements of navigating the business side of the medical industry. That’s why moonlighting and locums physicians, physician’s assistants, and nurse practitioners can often benefit from the advice of experienced members in their field.

Do you have questions about locum tenens taxes or moonlighting insurance? Your medical support team can point you in the direction of the best resources. With the right medical support team, there is no reason to try to sort out complex financial and medical insurance topics alone.

3. Workplace Advice

Working in a new hospital or clinic can be challenging. Even if the responsibilities of providing patient care are similar between systems, there are always numerous new protocols, staff, and idiosyncracies to learn. While every healthcare facility is unique in its own way, there are strategies veteran locum tenens physicians use to grow comfortable in their environments as quickly as possible.

A team of board-certified medical support staff can help healthcare providers adjust to their new moonlighting and locum tenens assignments. That includes advice for dealing with any of those day-to-day issues that might arise with administration, coworkers, and patients.

“Is this normal?”

“What is the most professional way to . . .?”

These are just a couple of the kinds of questions medical support teams receive daily from locums and moonlighting medical professionals. They’re more than happy to help you succeed in your new locum tenens position.

OnCall Solutions: Providing Locum Tenens and Moonlighters the Support They Need

The hallmark of the best locum tenens companies is the medical support they offer. OnCall Solutions provides locums and moonlighters with board-certified doctors who know exactly what they need. OnCall Solutions’ locums and moonlighting partners can trust their support team’s guidance.

Are you interested in partnering with OnCall Solutions to gain access to rewarding moonlighting and locum tenens assignments with the highest levels of medical support? Reach out to our recruiters to find the perfect assignment for you.

Looking to learn more about locum tenens and moonlighting positions, and how these positions benefit doctors, patients, and the medical industry at large? Check out OnCall Solutions’ blog for more posts like this one!

In recent years, healthcare providers have been increasingly seeking telemedicine locums jobs and moonlighting jobs for several reasons. New advances in technology and high-speed internet have allowed for reliable telehealth services, leading to improvements for patients, providers, and the healthcare industry alike.

For physicians of all types (attending, fellow, and resident), moonlighting telemedicine offers numerous benefits that go beyond the extra boost to your paycheck. Here are five major benefits of telemedicine locums jobs and moonlighting positions for physicians and other medical professionals.

1. Flexibility

Telemedicine locums jobs and moonlighting positions offer providers unparalleled flexibility in how, when, and from where they can provide care. The remote nature of telemedicine locums jobs simplifies the process of fitting appointments into already busy schedules. Fitting in medical moonlighting as a resident or attending physician can be as simple as scheduling appointments from your office, home, or wherever your life takes you.

2. Expanded Patient Pool

Telemedicine locums jobs and moonlighting positions allow providers to serve far larger patient pools, including patients who might not usually have access to quality medical care.

With telemedicine services, patients who previously had difficulty scheduling medical appointments, including residents in rural areas and remote locations, can now easily access telehealth medicine. The same is true for patients who live locally but who do not have access to reliable transportation.

This is also true for disabled and elderly patients. Many disabled patients can more easily attend the appointments of locum tenens telemedicine care providers, gaining access to necessary care and treatment.

3. Efficient Patient Care

Telemedicine locums jobs and moonlighting positions pave the way for better and more efficient patient care. By cutting out extra hurdles and expenses involved in routine in-hospital or in-clinic visits, telehealth opportunities make for cheaper and more efficient care.

Patients are more likely to schedule visits with providers when appointments remain affordable and easy, which means many medical conditions that might have gone diagnosed can be treated in the early stages, before patients’ conditions grow worse.

4. Reduced Spread of Infection and Disease

As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, the mitigation and prevention of the spread of disease is paramount to the efficacy and safety of healthcare operations. Telehealth medicine has proven itself to be an ideal way to treat patients suspected at risk of contagious diseases.

By utilizing telehealth technology, patients are less likely to infect each other in healthcare facilities. At the same time, providers are likely to stay healthier, too.

5. Reduces Provider Burnout

Finally, locums telemedicine jobs and moonlighting positions allow medical practitioners to provide care without the harmful effects of medical burnout.

Telehealth medicine helps prevent burnout in two major ways. The first is that providers find work less physically exhausting by streamlining appointments and reducing unnecessary hurdles.

The second way telemedicine locums jobs and moonlighting positions help prevent burnout is by reducing the load required of full-time clinicians in hospitals and other facilities. When healthcare organizations reach out to locum tenens facilities for the help of qualified telehealth doctors, they ensure their full-time staff aren’t overworked, and their patients receive optimal care.

OnCall Solutions: Providing Opportunities for Physician (Attending or Resident) Moonlighting Telemedicine

Are you seeking out telemedicine jobs for physicians? OnCall Solutions is the locum tenens and moonlight medical staffing partner for you. Our team of recruiters and board-certified doctors ensures you are connected with the ideal work opportunities while receiving the best medical support along the way.

To learn more about how our telehealth and moonlighting services benefit doctors, healthcare facilities, and patients, check out OnCall Solutions’ blog for this and related content.

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Increasingly, patients are choosing telemedicine—for good reasons. Telehealth appointments are convenient, cheaper, and accessible, and they may even help improve patient care.

But it isn’t just patients who appreciate the benefits of telemedicine. Clinicians enjoy its flexibility and the increased scope of their practice. At the same time, healthcare organizations are aided by telehealth’s efficient costs and extra ing support.

But hiring the right telehealth professionals can be a complex undertaking. Ensuring the right hire is vital to ensure patients’ quality of care, yet with such a vast talent pool and the uncertainties of remote hiring, it can be hard to know where to start.

Fortunately, locum tenens telehealth ing agencies make finding telehealth clinicians simple. But whether you’re partnering with a telemedicine ing agency or going it alone, here are three helpful tips for hiring telehealth clinicians.

1. Establish Transparency from the Start

Provide applicants with as much information as possible upfront to save time and minimize the potential for misunderstandings. Creating clarity around work roles, wages, and qualifications helps tighten your applicant pool. Even if there are standing uncertainties about the position, establishing transparency helps all parties.

In the same vein, maintaining transparency with your telemedicine moonlighting ing agency can help make the hiring process seamless. Telehealth ing agencies help both applicants and potential employers. For instance, at OnCall Solutions, each of our partnered medical professionals has a personal recruiter who directs applicants toward the positions best suited for them.

2. Don’t Settle When Hiring for Telehealth

Telehealth medical practitioners require all the qualifications as full-time medical . While health visits are digital, the same foundational principles of practicing medicine remain the same.

That’s why telehealth ing agencies ensure healthcare organizations are received the top, qualified applicants for their positions. Don’t settle when hiring—as telehealth patients still rely on quality care.

3. Sometimes, Location Does Matter

Telemedicine connects highly-qualified clinicians with patients all over. Yet location still plays an essential role in who health organizations hire.

Location goes beyond variance in time zones—though it’s important to note whether your telehealth employees will need to schedule appointments in the middle of the night!

Clinicians in local areas may understand a particular region’s population better, including endemic health trends and threats. Patients often feel more comfortable with doctors from their region, and studies have shown those clinicians might provide better care.

Additionally, due to shifting regional legislation and cultural attitudes, some patients prefer to seek doctors outside their region, in places more aligned with their cultural views.

Since medical care can be deeply personal, patients have all sorts of reasons why they prefer to select caregivers from their region or beyond.

OnCall Solutions: The Top Choice Among Locum Tenens Telehealth Staffing Agencies

OnCall Solutions is here to help your healthcare organization your telemedicine positions with the best-qualified applicants available. We specialize in locum tenens telehealth ing, and our services remain flexible to suit your healthcare organization’s needs.

Are you interested in learning more about our telehealth, locum tenens, and moonlighting ing services? Reach out to us today. Let us help connect you with the motivated and qualified telehealth that can make a difference in your communities.

The past several years have brought unprecedented challenges to the medical industry, from ing shortages, to increased employee burnout, to steep spikes in patient occupancy levels. Fortunately, temporary ing solutions have played a significant role in helping alleviate these medical industry problems.

Time and again, locum tenens and moonlighting ing options have provided healthcare facilities the qualified medical professionals to address their challenges. Here are 5 of the numerous medical industry problems that locum tenens and moonlighting medical professionals help mitigate.

1. Medical Staffing Shortages

Moonlighting and locum tenens medical professionals help provide gap coverage for full-time in healthcare facilities. With the recent shortage of healthcare , moonlighting and locum tenens ing agencies give healthcare facilities access to pools of qualified and capable who can quickly step in.

With the help of temporary , healthcare facilities now have options in the event of full-time absences due to vacation, health issues, or resignation—so patients are not left without quality care.

2. Medical Worker Burnout

Burnout has long been a significant problem in the medical industry, as full-time are often required to work long hours and deal with unparalleled amounts of stress. For full-time medical to avoid workplace burnout's harmful effects, they need their medical facility's assistance. That’s where locum tenens and moonlighting services come in.

Moonlighting and locum tenens ing agencies help healthcare facilities ensure their full-time maintain a proper work-life balance. When facilities are fully and properly ed, it’s far easier for full-time to take a desperately needed vacation, family medical leave, or rest without letting their organization or patients down.

3. The Burden of Medical Professional Debt

The burden of medical school debt is increasingly wearing down medical professionals, and locum tenens and moonlighting positions can help give them a leg up.

Even low-interest-rate student loans can grow unmanageable. Locum tenens and moonlighting jobs for residents and other medical professionals of all levels of experience help provide the extra, high-paying hours needed to fight compounding interest and pay off debt sooner—before it grows out of hand.

4. Rising Costs of Operation

Undered healthcare facilities are expensive ones. These facilities often result in high turnover rates of full-time and tend to have prolonged average lengths of care for patients. Both of these factors contribute to higher overhead costs.

Locum tenens and moonlight positions allow facilities to efficiently scale service to meet patient demand—and generate more revenue. But just because temporary ing positions allow healthcare facilities to come out ahead doesn’t mean profit is made at the expense of medical professionals’ fair compensation. By balancing locum tenens and full-time , facilities have a more efficient, cost-effective, and patient-forward ing model to work from.

5. The Need for Better Patient Care

Due to their lack of local providers, many rural and underserved communities have difficulty accessing healthcare services. Moonlighting and locum tenens help increase access by more easily providing healthcare professionals to these communities.

Even in well-populated areas with numerous healthcare options, locum tenens and moonlighting can help improve patients’ quality of care. By minimizing the negative factors of strain on undered facilities, moonlighting and locum tenens ensure patients experience the level of care they need and deserve.

OnCall Solutions: A Locum Tenens & Moonlighting Staffing Solution

With unpredictable times of high demand, OnCall Solutions’ locum tenens and moonlighting ing services allow healthcare facilities to adapt to sudden changes in patient occupancy, avoiding strain on full-time .

We’re proud to connect quality professionals to healthcare facilities where they can make the most impact. OnCall Solutions’ ing model specializes in connecting highly-qualified medical professionals with local facilities to minimize facility costs and maximize patient care.

Are you interested in learning more about our moonlighting and locum tenens ing solutions? Reach out to us today.

There is an imbalance in many healthcare organizations’ medical ing—and it’s leading to employee burnout.

Nowadays, burnout adversely affects one in every three physicians. Particularly in these years following the COVID-19 pandemic, the strain on our full-time doctors and nurse practitioners is extensive. Even the most committed, talented, and motivated medical professionals can only do so much demanding and extensive work before they need help.

That’s where medical moonlighting and locum tenens employees can help. When healthcare organizations bring in medical moonlighting and locum tenens professionals, they balance employee roles and responsibilities to help ensure physicians and nurse practitioners avoid burnout and patients receive their best care.

How Staffing Imbalances Affect the Health Industry

Imbalances in medical ing, and the resultant employee burnout, impact every facet of the healthcare industry, from medical professionals and hospital administrators to public health at large. Here are a few examples:

1. Medical Staffing Imbalances Exacerbate Existing Workplace Shortages

Medical ing imbalances and employee burnout exacerbate an already decreasing health worker supply in the U.S.

It’s a cyclical problem: full-time medical professionals are being overworked, leading to workplace attrition. Thus, fewer medical professionals are available, leading to more doctors being overworked.

2. Burnout Costs Healthcare Organizations Money

Healthcare organizations pay a minimum of $500,000 for each physician that leaves due to professional burnout. In addition, vested employee departures often result in errors in administration and medical care, which are estimated to cost healthcare organizations $20 billion annually, with longer patient length of care due to improper or delayed treatments.

3.  Medical Staffing Imbalances Hurt Patient Care

By far, the greatest cost is the negative effect of medical ing imbalances on patient care.

100,000 patient deaths each year can be attributed to hospital errors and lapses likely exacerbated by employee burnout, turnover, and improper ing.

How Medical Moonlighting & Locums Help Healthcare Organizations

Fortunately, medical moonlighting and locum tenens help balance medical and mitigate the issues that arise from medical burnout. 

Locum tenens and moonlighting placements address medical professional burnout at the source, ensuring full-time employees are not required to work beyond their scope. A solid stable of medical moonlighters available for high occupancy times and day-to-day support can keep full-time rested and fresh—while providing their own exceptional care and expertise.

A healthy and supported full-time limits the cycle of employee burnout and attrition—and all the resultant costs for healthcare facilities. Ultimately, with medical moonlighting assistance, healthcare organizations can provide patients with better treatment, resulting in a shorter and cost-efficient length of care.

OnCall Solutions: A Medical Moonlighting and Locum Tenens Provider

OnCall Solutions is proud to help reduce the strains of burnout on healthcare facilities by providing qualified locum tenens and medical moonlighting from their local areas and beyond. OnCall Solutions’ medical ing services lower overhead and margin requirements, helping healthcare organizations remain cost-efficient.

Are you looking for assistance for your medical team? Reach out to OnCall Solutions today, and let us help support your organization, your medical workers, and your patients.

When facing ing shortages, healthcare facilities increasingly seek the help of locum tenens and moonlighting medical professionals. In fact, a 2022 survey from AMN healthcare found that as many as 88% of healthcare facilities nowadays rely on locum tenens providers.

Locum tenens agencies help healthcare facilities reduce costs, provide better patient care, prevent employee burnout, and more. But what should hospital ing models look like to balance full-time and locum tenens ?

Here are four cost-effective hospital ing models for healthcare facilities looking to maximize the benefits of their locum tenens and moonlighting medical .

1. Top-of-License

Top-of-license hospital ing models prioritize assigning medical to positions that align with the highest levels of their expertise. A top-of-license hospital ing model seeks to minimize medical professionals working in positions they are overqualified for, regardless of whether they are full-time or per diem.

There are numerous benefits to a healthcare ing model like this. One is that hospitals can reduce costs—after all, many tasks don’t require the expertise and compensation of your most qualified clinicians. Additionally, experienced employees tend to appreciate this model, which respects their expertise, leading to higher worker satisfaction and better quality of care.

2. Developmental

A developmental hospital ing model seeks to pair less-experienced with highly-qualified medical professionals to develop their skills. Developmental models seek to strengthen the expertise of your medical professionals over the long run.

With this model, it’s valuable to remember that per diem doctors might be some of the most experienced in their field—and your full-time team can learn a great deal from them. In the same way, training per diem doctors can be just as valuable for your organization long-term since many locum tenens doctors return to the same assignments year after year.

Developing everyone on your team, regardless of their contractual status in your organization,  will aid your institution in the long run.

3. High Occupancy Support

In order to address hospital ing issues during times of high occupancy, many medical facilities require a stable of on-call locum tenens medical professionals who help fill the gaps. That’s why they rely on locum tenens agencies to play the valuable role of supplying the qualified they need, when they’re needed.

In the high-occupancy hospital ing model, hospitals rely primarily on their in-house full-time for standard occupancy times. For times of high occupancy, they reach out to their locum tenens medical ing partners for ing assistance.

4. The Hybrid Model

The hybrid hospital ing model incorporates elements of all three of the previous models in order to maximize the benefits of locum tenens and moonlighting medical professionals.

In a hybrid model, hospitals maintain pools of promising per diem doctors they develop, while maintaining a larger list of qualified professionals they can call upon in times of need. With this developmental model, healthcare facilities can also practice top-of-license methodologies to save facilities money and maintain employee work satisfaction.

While the hybrid hospital ing model requires the most planning and orchestration, it helps ensure maximized ing affordability, long-term ing professional development, and patient care.

OnCall Solutions: Support for All Hospital Staffing Models

Maintaining any hospital ing model can be a complicated process—and OnCall Solutions is here to help. Our locum tenens and moonlighting ing services ensure that healthcare facilities remain equipped with qualified and committed medical professionals so that patients can continue receiving their best care.

Learn more about how OnCall Solutions can help your medical facility, no matter the hospital ing model you choose to employ. Reach out to us to learn more today.

Moonlighters play a valuable role in healthcare facilities, providing an essential influx of talent when and where they’re needed most. But the right fit is necessary for both moonlighters and medical facilities to have a successful partnership.

Here are a few essential qualities for healthcare facilities to factor in when working with a moonlighting and locum tenens ing agency to determine whether an applicant will be the right fit.

Qualifications & Experience

Moonlighting medical may not be long-term employees in your healthcare facility, but they need the same knowledge and expertise as any other medical . Short-term needs proper training and qualifications to provide patients with the required top-of-the-line care.

Many doctors and medical practitioners use moonlighting assignments to expand their work experience. While these applicants possess all the prerequisite knowledge and qualifications, they may have less direct experience working in a particular type of facility.

Many healthcare organizations benefit from such moonlighting , as they’re committed to learning from their new work environment while making valuable contributions. However, some healthcare facilities prefer moonlighters with established experience in their particular type of facility.

Before hiring, evaluate the necessary expertise requirements for your various moonlighting roles.

Patient-Centric Approach

Qualifications and experience mean nothing if medical professionals can’t provide patients with warm and compassionate care during their treatment.

For many medical facilities, their 's bedside manner can be as essential as anything. Working with your moonlighting and locum tenens ing agency will be vital for understanding the members you’re looking to bring in. With proper vetting, you can ensure you avoid a poor match before it even happens.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Adaptability and flexibility are necessary traits for all moonlighters and locum tenens medical . While moonlighters can help bring in valuable outside knowledge to help to improve your institutional processes—it isn’t unreasonable to expect new to adapt to your policies and procedures. After all, your facility's methods are in place for a reason.

Your moonlighting and locum tenens ing agency can play a crucial role in identifying potential placements who are adaptable and willing to learn your facility’s practices. Your agency is also your first contact if you find your moonlighting doesn’t match the level of adaptability you require.

Don’t Overlook Local Talent

Too often, healthcare administrators fall for the misconception that to get the best talent you need to look far from home.

In reality, many of the best moonlighting and locum tenens medical professionals can be found in your local area. Local medical often understand your patient population better and have stronger ties and commitments to your community. Local moonlighting also come far cheaper than ing that requires significant relocation.

It’s why a locum tenens ing agency like OnCall Solutions specializes in providing healthcare facilities with top-of-the-line moonlighting and locum tenens medical from their local areas. With exceptional local , healthcare facilities benefit from reduced ing costs and better patient care.

OnCall Solutions: Providing Healthcare Facilities with Talented, Local Medical Professionals

Are you a healthcare facility looking for quality moonlighting and locum tenens medical professionals? OnCall Solutions provides medical facilities with quality without the high costs of relocation.

Reach out to us today to learn more about moonlighting and locum tenens ing solutions.

Locum tenens and moonlighting can be an excellent way for medical professionals to earn extra money, gain experience, and benefit from flexibility and freedom in their work life. And while navigating the business side of locum tenens work can sometimes be tricky—it doesn’t have to be.

With these six tips, medical professionals can be well on their way to connecting with the best moonlighting and locum tenens companies!

1. Stay Flexible–But Understand Your Limits

Flexibility is vital to finding and enjoying excellent locum tenens positions.

However, it’s equally important to understand the limits of your flexibility. Flexibility is great, but it’s unrealistic to assume medical professionals don’t have other important life, family, and work considerations to factor in. For that reason, don’t accept locum tenens or moonlighting assignments if they don’t sync up with your requirements. The best locum tenens companies will provide you with numerous options that consider your needs.

2. You Don’t Have to Travel

A common misunderstanding for locum tenens positions is that they require medical professionals to relocate to different cities or states for weeks or months. While locum tenens positions can be a great way to experience new areas of the country for the first time, you don’t have to move far away to find a locum tenens position.

In fact, certain locum tenens and moonlighting agencies specialize in finding assignments near you. So if relocating isn’t something you’re able to do—or interested in doing—you can still take part in the benefits of locum tenens positions.

3. Do Your Research When Applying for Locum Tenens Positions . . .

Medical professionals can reach out directly to hospitals to find work under per diem rates. But be careful—you’ll be required to negotiate your salary and working requirements. Without proper research, you may not receive fair compensation for your work and level of expertise. Before reaching out to any medical facilities, research your preferred compensation, working hours/conditions, and the type of environment you’ll be joining.

4. . . . Or Sign Up with a Locum Tenens Agency

Many medical professionals prefer to partner with the best locum tenens agencies to put aside their worries regarding fair compensation and working conditions. After all, it can be extremely time-consuming to do significant prerequisite research and cold-calling to find your assignments.

Thankfully, locum tenens agencies make finding assignments easy. The best locum tenens companies have established relationships with hospitals, so they know first when positions are open, can help medical professionals achieve fair compensation rates, and can provide doctors valuable advice even before they arrive. In addition, a locum tenens agency can help prevent poor matches before those matches even happen!

5. Oversharing is Better Than Undersharing

When working with a locum tenens and moonlighting medical ing agency, your experiences and interests are valuable tools that help your agency locate the right assignment for you. Even seemingly minor forms of previous experience can help—and agencies will always benefit from more information about you. Communicate your experiences, interests, and career goals to your locum tenens ing agency so they can help connect you with the optimal partners.

6. Have Fun!

Locum tenens and moonlighting assignments can expose medical professionals to a multitude of new experiences and allow them to grow in many ways. Discover new cities and areas of the country—or find a new work community in your area!

With the freedom and flexibility of moonlighting and locum tenens assignments, there’s no reason not to enjoy yourself and your work.

OnCall Solutions: Your Locum Tenens and Moonlighting Medical Staffing Agency

Do you have other questions about the business side of locum tenens and moonlighting positions? Are you looking for more tips on choosing and preparing for your moonlighting or locum tenens positions? Proudly one the best locum tenens companies out there,  OnCall Solutions has the insights to set you off in the right direction—and we can help you find the perfect locum tenens or moonlighting assignment.

Reach out to OnCall Solutions today!

By benefiting patients, medical , and administrators alike, OnCall Solutions allows hospitals to continue to provide their highest quality of care. Here are 8 ways how locum tenens and moonlighting medical ing services like OnCall Solutions can help your healthcare organization.

1. Quality Assurance

Evaluating potential medical hires can be an involved and complex process. Assessing applicants’ qualifications, capabilities, and fit is not easy—and mistakes sometimes happen. That’s why it’s helpful to outsource medical ing to firms specialized to strategically match the best candidates to their ideal workplace fit.

2. Accelerates Medical Staffing

Quality assurance of new hires is not only difficult, it’s significantly time-consuming. Even in the best of times, medical hiring can be a drawn-out process. But when ing shortages or emergencies occur, the delay required to hire suitable candidates can adversely affect the quality of a hospital’s care. On call medical ing solutions can respond quickly to a hospital’s ing requests with a ready roster of specialized candidates to fill their needs.

3. Flexibility

Whether it’s flu season or the accident-prone evening of The 4th of July, certain times require additional ing to address patient needs. But maintaining during slow months can be a debilitating expense for hospitals. On call medical ing solutions allow hospitals to adjust ing easily according to patient flow.

4. Better Care for Patients

By using on call medical ing, hospitals can ensure they avoid ing shortages, which can be responsible for significant dropoffs in the quality of patient care. By remaining properly ed, your organization provides enough qualified medical workers to respond appropriately and fully to patients’ needs.

5. Prevent Nurse and Doctor Fatigue and Burnout

While many committed doctors and nurses are willing to pick up extra hours in times of medical ing shortages, their additional commitment can lead to exhaustion and burnout. It’s important to protect your medical over the long haul by ensuring they don’t need to work overtime to cover their organization’s ing needs.

6. Reduce Patient Cost

Studies have shown proper medical ing reduces the duration of patient stay, in-hospital injuries, and chances of readmission. Simply put, more ensures better procedures that ensure patients receive the proper care and treatment to convalesce.

7. Emergency Staffing On Call

In the event of emergencies when numerous patients require intensive care, medical ing solutions are available to help. With a simple call, medical ing can begin directing qualified medical to your facility.

8. Increased Patient Satisfaction

Finally, proper medical ing and care will result in higher patient satisfaction. Your patients will be grateful for the care your medical can provide them, reflecting well on your facility, your doctors and nurses, and your organization’s values.

OnCall Solutions: Your Medical Staffing Provider

OnCall Solutions is not your traditional locums company. We provide you local physicians and APPs who are committed to their community. Our methods save your organization money and ensure it benefits from all 8 of the points mentioned above—and more.

We’re happy to provide your healthcare organization with medical ing resources that can provide your patients with the highest quality of care. Contact us to learn more about what we can offer you, or request highly-qualified today.

Moonlighting and locum tenens assignments are excellent avenues to maintain flexible medical careers. Contacting a medical ing agency is the first step for moonlighting and locum tenens assignments. But with multiple moonlighting and locum tenens assignment offerings, how can you know which to choose?

The medical ing experts at OnCall Solutions often receive questions regarding how to choose and prepare for moonlighting and locum tenens assignments. It’s why we put together this list to help out medical professionals.

For any questions not included in this list, feel free to reach out to OnCall Solutions. We’re here to help!

1. Where is the Moonlighting/Locum Tenens Assignment Located?

Location, of course, is the first thing to note. Even a short-term moonlighting or locum tenens assignment can become taxing if it requires a long commute. That goes double for assignments that require you to move to a new city!

If you aren’t interested in moving for your position, consider seeking medical ing agencies that specialize in finding positions near you.

2. What are the Length Requirements?

Moonlighting and locum tenens assignments will vary with their requested time for . Be sure to assess whether a position fits your timeframe.

Does it suit for goals for your career and personal life? If all else seems good besides the length of the position, it may be worth reaching out to your medical ing agency to see if there’s flexibility with stay requirements.

3. Does the Position Align with Your Career Goals?

Similarly to stay requirements, you want to ensure the assignment suits your career goals.

Will the position give you the tools, skills, and experience to further yourself? Not all positions are equal in this regard, so you’ll want to choose wisely!

4. Compensation?

Compensation will be one of the most critical factors in deciding your position. Will you be paid enough for your labor and expertise?

If you’re unsure whether the compensation is fair for the commitment and your level of expertise, consider reaching out to your medical ing agency for advice.

5. What’s the Type of Medical Facility?

The roles of medical professionals in hospitals, private practices, and other settings will vary greatly, and you want to ensure the fit is right for you.

Moonlighting and locum tenens assignments can help you gain valuable work experience in different facilities. But if you have a strong preference against a specific role, there’s no reason to work in a facility that will require it of you.

6. Assess the Patient Population

The patient population in every community is unique. When selecting your moonlighting or locum tenens assignment, it’s helpful to assess the general age, socioeconomic makeup, and common medical issues of a particular community.

Understanding your patients and the kind of ailments you’ll regularly be treating will be a great way to find early success.

7. Learn About Your Coworkers

Your interviews for moonlighting and locum tenens assignments aren’t just an opportunity for the hiring committee to learn about you. They’re a chance for you to learn about the work community you may be joining.

After your interview, do you have any remaining questions? Your medical ing agency can help put you in touch with additional resources if you’re still looking for more insight.

8. Reach Out to Former Staff

Your medical ing recruiter can help facilitate communication with other locum tenens and moonlighting medical professionals who have worked on a particular assignment.

Their insight can help you learn about the facility, the work culture, and the patient population at large to help you assess whether it’s the right fit.

9. Remain Flexible

Moonlighting and locum tenens assignments can sometimes make for unpredictable work, so it’s essential to remain flexible.

The added confidence you gain from succeeding in new environments can be invaluable. Being prepared is sometimes as simple as expecting the unexpected. It’s also important to recognize that your standard practices may need to adjust in each new setting.

10. Expand Your Network

Whether you’re assessing moonlighting and locum tenens assignments across the country or in your town, selecting a new assignment is a great way to learn about new communities. The process itself can help expand your network and learn more about medical providers at large.

Even if you don’t end up working at a particular facility, the connections you make through your moonlighting and locum tenens selection process can help lead to future opportunities.

OnCall Solutions: Your Moonlighting and Locum Tenens Staffing Agency

OnCall Solutions prides itself on connecting the right moonlighting and locum tenens assignments with medical professionals. We prioritize giving medical professionals opportunities to work in their communities, which helps improve the overall experience of both medical professionals and patients.

Are you interested in finding a local moonlighting or locum tenens assignment? Connect with an OnCall Solutions medical ing recruiter today, and learn how we can find the perfect assignment for you.

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Even before physician burnout was the number one issue facing organized medicine, we sought to offer a solution. Our comprehensive staffing options give physicians control over their schedule and facilities control over their costs - the best of both worlds for hospitals and medical practitioners alike.
Scott Shapiro MD, FACC
CEO & Founder
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