Physician Employment Opportunities

September 8, 2022
2 min read

As those in the business of medicine are well aware, not all physician employment opportunities are created equal. Some offer little more than basic pay and inflexible hours, and these positions are less than ideal, particularly if you’re trying to balance several jobs at once. Here at OnCall Physician Staffing, we understand that searching for a job means getting the schedule, salary and credentialing you need to remain upwardly mobile in your career trajectory. Click Here for Physician Employment Opportunities!

We go out of our way to take care of all the details. That means we gladly handle logistical work such as insurance billing, malpractice coverage and more to ensure a seamless transition for each post. It also means we provide employers with your pertinent career information, including details such as your goals and projected specialty, to ensure a good match. Credentials, flexible hours and more come standard, especially from employers eager to fill a job.

It has never been easier to get started. When you submit an online application, we’ll be able to match qualified applicants with a vacancy in just a short amount of time. Many of the best jobs in Philadelphia tend to appear with little advance notice, so resources like our organization can prove invaluable if you want to jump at a true opportunity. From part-time and moonlighting work to full hospitalist positions, OnCall Physician Staffing offers the most comprehensive approach to physician employment in Philadelphia.

If you want to learn more, we urge you to browse our website. Still have questions? Simply contact us anytime at 215-337-4547 or via email at

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Even before physician burnout was the number one issue facing organized medicine, we sought to offer a solution. Our comprehensive staffing options give physicians control over their schedule and facilities control over their costs - the best of both worlds for hospitals and medical practitioners alike.
Scott Shapiro MD, FACC
CEO & Founder
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