Physician Moonlighting Positions

September 8, 2022
2 min read

It wasn’t long ago that physician moonlighting positions were considered scarce and exotic, the province of overextended doctors for whom exhaustion was never a factor. Today, with falling salaries and an ever-increasing workforce of talented professionals, however, moonlighting physician jobs have become far more common. Perhaps that’s why so many qualified professionals come online looking for such jobs every day. Click Here for Physician Moonlighting Positions!

Instead of trolling job boards, give us a call here at OnCall Physician Staffing. We offer unsurpassed resources for practicing physicians of every experience level, helping them find outstanding positions with the kind of salary, credentialing and hours that suit their needs. It’s a dedicated and personal approach, and one that has won us an ever-widening pool of referrals over many years.

Every type of moonlighting job is available here for your consideration, including those at private care facilities, hospitals, clinics and more. You can get lots of hands-on experience or simply oversee cases on a rotating basis–it’s your choice. Whatever kind of position you select, OnCall Physician Staffing always takes care to handle the logistical grunt work for you, billing insurance companies and providing some measure of malpractice protection to ensure you come to work every day with a minimum of stress.

To get started, just submit an online application, available here on our website. If you have questions, simply contact the physicians who run OnCall Physician Staffing anytime and we’ll be happy to get back to you with an informed response. Call 215-337-4547 or send an email to

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Even before physician burnout was the number one issue facing organized medicine, we sought to offer a solution. Our comprehensive staffing options give physicians control over their schedule and facilities control over their costs - the best of both worlds for hospitals and medical practitioners alike.
Scott Shapiro MD, FACC
CEO & Founder
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