Physician Recruiting

September 8, 2022
2 min read

Physician recruiting has come a long way since the days when such work was considered exhausting, demanding and utterly impossible to do with any degree of order. Today, we make it easier than ever to gain access to the talent you want, up to and including versatile specialists whose expertise can literally save lives. If you’re looking for a better way to fill vacancies with truly qualified personnel, OnCall Physician Staffing is the resource you need. Click Here for Physician Recruiting!

Our approach is founded on the principles of integrity and service, and that means we go out of our way to make each transition as seamless as possible. Practicing physicians who work with us often tell us they never imagined it could be so easy to get the salary, schedule and credentialing they needed, while hospitals tend to appreciate our exceptional talent pool. Needless to say, the real winners are the patients, whose caregivers want to be there and devote their full attention to the task.

OnCall Physician Staffing was founded by physicians, so we understand how difficult this profession can be. Whether you’re trying to fill a very specific job for a resident or simply need moonlighting work, finding exactly what you need in a hurry shouldn’t have to result in substandard choices. That’s why our screening and personal care ensure only superior physicians and facilities can utilize our services.

When you’re ready to begin, we want to hear from you. If you’re a practicing physician looking for work, start by filling out our quick online application. We’ll contact you soon to discuss what you’re looking for in a position. If you have positions to fill, call us at 215-337-4547 or email

The Nations Leading Medical Staffing and Recruiting Experts
Even before physician burnout was the number one issue facing organized medicine, we sought to offer a solution. Our comprehensive staffing options give physicians control over their schedule and facilities control over their costs - the best of both worlds for hospitals and medical practitioners alike.
Scott Shapiro MD, FACC
CEO & Founder
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