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4 Physician Recruiting Tips for Medical Facilities

Healthcare administrators know how much of a role physician recruitment plays in the continued success of their organizations. In recent years, it’s only become more critical as these institutions overcome the many issues facing the healthcare industry.

Of course, physician recruitment isn’t always easy. Since 2004, OnCall Solutions medical staffing has partnered with healthcare facilities, and over that time, we’ve learned a few physician recruiting tips that can help you attract the best medical professionals.

Is your organization looking to understand better how to recruit physicians? These four physician recruiting tips can help.

1. Understand Your Medical Staffing Needs

The first step to understanding how to recruit physicians is a thorough understanding of your organization’s staffing needs. This involves determining:

  • Specific physician requirements, including desired specialty and skillset. (e.g., hospitalists, locums intensivists, emergency medicine, etc.)
  • Length of time and required monthly shifts for the position (for locums and moonlighting physicians)
  • Cultural fit and values alignments

When determining your job requirements, the more specific your assessments, the better. Contrary to the common hiring practices of some organizations, vague or open-ended job postings won’t attract a broader audience. In fact, postings that don’t specify requirements for skill sets and qualifications for providers simply mean time wasted on candidates who won’t address your medical staffing needs.

In general, we’ve found the ideal way to attract the best candidates is by being transparent and hyper-specific about your needs from the start. After all, physicians are evaluating a potential workplace as much as they’re being evaluated—and uncertainty regarding their role is a red flag.

2. Showcase Your Facility and Benefits

The second of our physician recruiting tips addresses another common mistake made during recruitment by medical facilities. Too often, healthcare institutions fail to properly highlight the unique aspects and benefits of their medical facility and location. These might include:

  • Cutting-edge technology and equipment
  • Research opportunities and academic affiliations
  • Professional benefit opportunities, mentorship programs, or medical support teams
  • Quality of life and work-life balance commitments
  • Local culture, events, and nature benefits

Of course, it’s just as essential to promote your facility’s compensation and benefits package, including competitive salary, incentive programs, comprehensive healthcare, and retirement plans. That said, healthcare facilities often forget that providers seek benefits beyond salary.

Healthcare providers are just like anyone else, after all. They want to work in locations they’ll enjoy, with opportunities that allow them to develop and expand their skills.

3. Develop an Effective Recruitment Strategy

After drafting a detailed job description and attractive compensation package, you should provide the proper exposure for your postings through various recruitment channels. These include:

  • Online job boards and medical associations
  • Social media platforms and targeted advertising
  • Physician networking events and conferences
  • Partnering with physician staffing agencies

Before you begin to advertise your positions, ensure that you already have plans for a smooth application and interview process in place. This typically involves:

  • A simplified online application system
  • Methods for prompt and efficient communication with candidates
  • Streamlined interview and evaluation processes
4. Partner with a Trusted Medical Staffing and Recruiting Agency

Sometimes, additional resources and help are needed! Finding an outside recruiting and staffing partner is often the key to covering urgent gap coverage, and long-term medical staffing needs.

Find an agency that provides national coverage for all physician specialties, and APP coverage, but still small enough that they can customize and tailor solutions specific to your needs.

Simplify Full-Time, Part-Time, Locums, and Moonlighting Physician Recruiting

Are you looking to streamline your full-time, part-time, per diem, locums, telemedicine, and moonlighting physician recruitment? OnCall Solutions provides quality medical staffing services. For nearly two decades, we’ve connected qualified providers with healthcare institutions, simplifying the process of sourcing and screening candidates—and we even help with medical credentialing services.

For more information on how to recruit physicians, check out the resources on our full-time, part-time, locums, and moonlighting Physician Staffing blog.

For facility staffing, please contact us. We’re here to help you solve your facility’s medical staffing issues today.

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