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Whether you are a hospital needing staffing support or a medical professional seeking moonlighting positions, OnCall Solutions is here to help! We invite you to contact us using the form below to get started. 

Moonlighting Support for Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and PAs

We are here to help medical professionals take control of their practices. Moonlighting and locum tenens work can help you earn extra income, network, and even supplement your full-time job. Working moonlighting and locum tenens puts you in the driver's seat. However, many medical professionals need help finding available shifts, getting credentialed, and maintaining compliance and coverage. That is where OnCall Solutions can help. 

Contact our professionals to learn more about what we can do for you. As a business founded, owned, and fully managed by moonlighting physicians, we are ready to help medical professionals like you.  

Staffing for Hospital and Practices

OnCall is here to help your hospital, practice, and clinic stay fully staffed—no matter what your situation is. We can connect you with physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants in your area. By partnering with local moonlighters and locums, you can save on transportation and hotel fees—making these staffing solutions more affordable for you. 

You can also boost morale and retention among your full-time staff by ensuring they can always take the time off they need. OnCall offers a comprehensive solution to a variety of staffing problems in the medical industry. 

Get in Touch With Our Moonlighting and Locum Tenens Experts

Our experts are here to answer any questions you might have or help you get started! For additional information, you can explore our blog for FAQs, salary insights, pros/cons, and more. Contact OnCall Solutions for all of the moonlighting and locum tenens support you need today!




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Since 2004, OnCall Solutions has connected healthcare organizations with the highest quality locums tenens and moonlighting medical professionals.

Whether for physicians, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants, our services are consistently 25-40% less expensive than other locum tenens and moonlighting physician staffing services.

Our model prioritizes quality, consistency, efficiency, and affordability.

  • We connect healthcare systems with qualified locums and moonlighters from their local area to reduce travel costs.
  • We simplify the hiring process, as our medical credentialing services and vetting ensure your temporary medical staff is appropriately qualified for your needs.
  • Our on-site, dedicated medical teams provide continuous oversight & support to ensure our locums tenens and moonlighting providers succeed.

OnCall Solutions offers moonlighting, locums, temp to permanent, permanent placement, telehealth, short-term, and long-term physician and clinician staffing services—whatever fits your facility’s needs.

OnCall Solutions is dedicated to providing a better clinical experience for medical facilities of any size, providers, and patients. With OnCall Solutions, you can trust your physician and clinician staffing services will be consistent, accountable, and committed to your local community.

We are your long-term partner, no matter your changing needs. Contact us to request staff or learn more about our services today.

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