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Local Locums: How Much Money Can Your Clinic Save?

Moonlighting and locums tenens staffing agencies help healthcare facilities address provider shortages, reduce worker burnout, and lower operating costs. The combination of these benefits allows healthcare facilities to stress less and focus more on the quality of patient care.

But with a hyper-local staffing method, a moonlighting and locum tenens company can benefit healthcare facilities even more.

For instance, by using a local staffing model, OnCall Solutions consistently saves healthcare organizations 25 – 40% compared to other locum tenens staffing agencies.

But how exactly do local locums and moonlighters save healthcare facilities money, and what other benefits do a local model offer? Here are three keys to why local locum tenens staffing agencies help healthcare facilities the most.

1. Reduced Travel Expenses and Hotel Costs

Relocation costs for out-of-town locums and moonlighting staff can be significant, even for short-term moonlighting locums jobs. These plane fare and room costs can significantly cut into the resources of healthcare facilities, especially when administrators are overseeing already tight budgets.

Local moonlighting and locum tenens staffing agencies minimize these expenses by identifying qualified physicians and clinicians nearby. These qualified healthcare providers can cover shifts with far fewer costs associated with relocation, allowing significant savings to healthcare facilities.

2. Increased Commitment, Community, and Quality

Local healthcare providers are more familiar with a healthcare facility’s community, and as such, they often provide unique and essential care.

Being more familiar with a patient community allows healthcare providers to be more aware of a particular region’s social, economic, and environmental conditions—some of which may even play a valuable role in diagnoses and appropriate treatment. Additionally, that familiarity can help lead to a stronger sense of shared community and commitment.

That increased quality of care can result in shorter lengths of stay, improved efficiency, and reduced operating costs.

3. Onsite, Dedicated Clinical Oversight and Support

Healthcare administrators know firsthand how a healthcare facility’s time and resources can be lost due to charting errors and omissions—and how they can seriously impact the quality of care.

To help, hyper-local locums and moonlighting staffing agencies don’t just equip healthcare facilities with local temporary staff. They also provide local support and oversight.

With a local locums and moonlighting staffing agency like OnCall Solutions, an onsite, dedicated Chief Medical Officer or Medical Director will assist our providers with clinical oversight. These support teams hold providers accountable by ensuring quality and accuracy in appropriate documentation in a timely manner.

OnCall Solutions: Providing Local Locums and Moonlighting Physicians

OnCall Solutions offers qualified local physicians and national support resources, allowing healthcare facilities to maximize patient care while minimizing costs.

With our hyper-local model, OnCall Solutions amplifies the savings that locums companies provide healthcare facilities. Our turn-key solution provides credentialing, operational and billing expertise—with local, dedicated Chief  Medical Officer leadership—ultimately ensuring your facility’s continued quality.

Are you interested in learning more about locum tenens and moonlighting services? Would you like to request our local, qualified staff for your healthcare facility?

Reach out to us today.

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