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At OnCall Solutions, we take pride in being the nation's leader in Radiology staffing and recruiting, connecting top-tier Radiologists with prestigious healthcare systems and facilities nationwide. With a focus on flexibility, excellence, and innovation, we provide tailored solutions for both physicians seeking control over their schedules and healthcare facilities looking for top-trained Radiologists.

For Physicians: Unlock Your Potential, Control Your Schedule

Join the Nation's Elite Radiologists

Are you a Radiologist seeking opportunities to elevate your career and work with the nation's top healthcare systems? OnCall Solutions is your gateway to a fulfilling and flexible professional journey. Here's why physicians choose us:

1. Unparalleled Opportunities:

  • Access a national network of full-time, part-time, per diem, and locum Radiologists ready to work day, night and weekends.
  • Choose assignments that align with your expertise and preferences.
  • Opportunities in all specialties!

2. Control Over Your Schedule:

  • Enjoy the freedom to design your own schedule – whether you prefer day shifts, night shifts, or weekends.
  • Our partner facilities are looking for a wide variety of positions, including full-time, part-time, locum, or per diem radiology jobs.
  • Achieve a healthy work-life balance while advancing your career.

3. Diverse Work Environments:

  • Explore diverse work settings, from renowned hospitals to specialized clinics.
  • Choose modalities and technologies that match your skill set.

4. Competitive Compensation:

  • Receive competitive compensation packages tailored to recognize your skills and contributions.
  • Benefit from our transparent and generous contracts.

5. Tele-Radiology Options:

  • Embrace the future of Radiology with our telemedicine opportunities.
  • Work remotely while providing essential diagnostic services.

6. The CMO Advantage!

  • You will have access to a dedicated Chief Medical Officer every step of the way to ensure you have every clinical advantage and support every step of the way from recruiting, onboarding and ongoing throughout your new role.

Join OnCall Solutions Today - Empower Your Radiology Career!

For Healthcare Facilities: Elevate Your Radiology Team with OnCall Solutions

Top Trained Radiologists Ready to Work Today!

Are you a healthcare facility seeking the nation's top trained Radiologists to enhance your team? OnCall Solutions delivers a pool of qualified professionals ready to contribute to your success. Here's why facilities choose us:

  1. Staffing Coverage For All Radiology Specialties Anytime, Anywhere:
    • Access a national network of Radiologists ready to work dat, night and weekends.
    • Fulfill staffing gaps efficiently and maintain seamless operations.
    • All specialties in Radiology, including:
      • General Diagnostic Radiology
      • Interventional Radiology
      • Mammography
      • Neuroradiology
      • Nuclear medicine
      • Body imaging
      • Chest Radiology 
      • Pediatric Radiology
      • Musculoskeletal Radiology
      • Cardiothoracic Radiology
      • Emergency Radiology
      • Ultrasound
      • And more!
  2. Quality & Expertise:
    • Connect with board-certified Radiologists renowned for their expertise
    • Enhance the diagnostic capabilities of your facility with our highly trained professionals.
  3. Flexible Staffing Solutions:
    • Choose from onsite Radiologists or embrace the efficiency of tele-radiology.
    • Tailor staffing solutions to match the unique needs and workflow of your facility.
    • Access to both full-time and part-time radiologists, including those looking for locum, per diem, and moonlighting radiology jobs.
  4. Nationwide Coverage:
    • Whether you operate in a bustling urban center or a rural community, we provide nationwide coverage.
    • Ensure consistent and high-quality Radiology services regardless of location.
  5. Streamlined Recruitment:
    • Simplify your recruitment process with our experienced team.
    • Benefit from a straightforward and transparent placement process.
  6. The CMO Advantage!
    • OnCall Solutions is proud to provide you with a complimentary, dedicated Chief Medical Officer (CMO) who is a leading practicing Radiologist as part of the team. Your dedicated CMO will be an integral part of your staffing and recruiting process every step of the way from recruiting, interviewing, onboarding and continued administrative and clinical consultation and leadership.

Partner with OnCall Solutions – Elevate Your Radiology Team Today!

Experience the OnCall Solutions Difference – Unleashing Excellence in Radiology Staffing and Recruiting Nationwide.

Connect with us to explore new opportunities or staff today!

Contact us at info@oncallsolutions.com or call/text  866-438-6622

Or directly with Kristen Marsh, CMO kristen.marsh@oncallsolutions.com
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  • There’s nothing fun about paperwork, but it’s a necessity. Thankfully, the credentialing team at OnCall Solutions are pros. They make it as easy as possible so that I can focus on patient care.

    Jacob C.
  • I needed to become licensed in another state to work at a facility I had been wanted to explore. OnCall supported me every step of the way. They made the phone calls and managed the details to expedite the process.

    Maud M.
  • Early in my career, I was excited to travel to new locations and try out new facilities as a locums. Now, I have two young boys, and I want to be home with them as much as possible - while still paying off some loans. OnCall makes it possible for me to work locally and control my schedule, so I have the right balance of work and family life.

    John C.
  • My experience with the OnCall recruiter was better than I could have imagined. She really took an interest in finding out exactly what I needed and found the right situation for me. She was very responsive and available. I would highly recommend OnCall if you’re looking for additional shifts.

    Kenzie P.
  • I feel very fortunate to have one residence in New York and another in Florida near my wife’s parents. It’s wonderful for the kids to be able to spend holidays and summer vacations with their grandparents. OnCall helps me find flexible positions to live the lifestyle I want to live.

    Aaron J.
  • As a resident, gaining both experience and exposure is a high priority for me. OnCall offers me opportunities to practice in high-quality settings that I know will contribute to a better long-term medical career.

    Simon S.
  • I highly recommend OnCall to help connect you to outstanding short-term opportunities. As a PA, I appreciate how attentive the recruiters and credentialers have been to help me try new situations and new locations without a long-term commitment.

    Emily D.
  • Our health system has been working with OnCall Solutions for more than 13 years. We can rely on them to ensure our shifts our filled and vacancies are covered. OnCall has made it possible for us to ensure our physicians have back-up and can maintain work-life balance.

    Shane A.
  • We’ve lost a lot of excellent healthcare professionals over the past two years. Everyone has. As we build back, we are realizing things may never be exactly the same. So, we are taking a different approach to how we look at staffing. If a provider wants a permanent part-time schedule or regular sabbaticals to go on a mission trip, we get it. OnCall helps us give our schedulers flexibility and stability we need.

    Imani B.
  • Whether you need help to just fill a shift or you are looking for a longer-term solution, the OnCall staff is always so respectful. They listen calmly but they also understand the urgency and are eager to help. I’ve had a great experience working with OnCall.

    Lois B.
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