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The Chief Medical Officer Advantage

Transformative healthcare staffing and recruitment leadership through dedicated expert chief medical officers

At OnCall Solutions, we are dedicated to revolutionizing medical staffing and recruiting by providing exceptional Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) who play a pivotal role in shaping the future of your healthcare organization.

Your CMO is dedicated to your account to drive both staffing success and clinical excellence. Our commitment is to provide you with the nation’s top healthcare physicians and clinicians to join your team to provide unparalleled patient care, eliminate staff burnout and optimize cost savings.

What our CMO Advantage Means to You

Strategic Recruitment

OnCall Solutions CMOs are integral to the initial recruitment process. They meticulously interview and evaluate each candidate before presenting them, ensuring that your healthcare team is composed of top-tier professionals aligned with your organization's values and goals.

Continuous Clinical Excellence

Our CMOs conduct ongoing weekly meetings to uphold clinical excellence and seamless communication within your healthcare organization. This proactive approach ensures that the quality of patient care, and appropriate shift coverage remains at the forefront.

Quality Improvement

OnCall Solutions CMOs collaborate with your organizational leaders to spearhead desired quality improvement initiatives, managing clinician performance with a focus on specific improvement measures such as LWBS, LOS, throughput/early discharges, case start times, and more. This commitment to continuous improvement enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your healthcare services.

Minimizing Clinician Burnout

Our CMOs provide consultative support to develop cost-effective and sustainable staffing schemes. By implementing collaborative care models and ensuring adequate staffing to regulate census, we aim to minimize clinician burnout and enhance satisfaction and retention through staffing stabilization.

Program Service-Line Optimization

Leveraging their clinical leadership, recruiting expertise and broad collective experiences from health systems nationally, our CMOs drive program and service-line optimization. This includes streamlining processes and workflows, improving clinical documentation, and maximizing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) utilization to enhance overall operational efficiency and revenue.

Where Leadership Meets Excellence

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