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Case Studies

See How We've Helped Healthcare Employers

Our case studies highlight the significant impact of our dedicated services, showcasing how we enhance patient care, improve cost efficiency, and provide unparalleled support to healthcare teams across the nation. Explore these success stories to see how OnCall Solutions transforms healthcare staffing into a seamless and effective process.

This case study showcases the transformative impact of OnCall Solutions’ staffing model in five critical clinical specialties: Hospital Medicine, Emergency Medicine, General Cardiology, Critical Care, and Anesthesia. By comparing costs and outcomes, this study demonstrates how OnCall Solutions optimizes financial efficiency for healthcare facilities.

“Our mission is to ensure the wellness of our communities and the people we serve. OnCall Solutions demonstrated a profound understanding of our facility’s needs, making them an invaluable partner in our success.”

Andrew Donet | CEO of Kindred Hospitals

“We onboarded OnCall Solutions last year and immediately noticed that their providers were meticulous, dedicated, and reliable. Since then, we’ve seen remarkable improvements in our patient satisfaction, GMLOS, and resident feedback on the quality of teaching they receive.”

Wendy R. | Trinity Health

“OnCall Solutions was there to meet our needs from the beginning… The physicians they provided were of the highest caliber and quickly became an integral part of our medical staff community… I would certainly not hesitate to use OnCall Solutions again for any staffing needs.”

Dr. Jill Owens | President, Upper Allegheny Health System

“You allowed our hospital to survive an unprecedented onslaught of patients and relentless daily volumes and have done so without blinking an eye or compromising your craft. I can’t thank you enough for your stellar work, compassionate care, engaging collegiality and friendship, and nearly a year of successful collaboration.”

Dr. David Bernstein | Campus Lead, Hospital Medicine Services Mainline Healthcare

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