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A message from Scott Shapiro MD, FACC

I started OnCall Solutions in 2004, as I was finishing my residency in Internal Medicine and starting my fellowship in Cardiology, because I saw that Residents, Fellows, and young physicians were not fairly treated in their moonlighting opportunities. I knew there had to be a better way. OnCall Solutions has never lost its focus on advocating for young physicians clinically, financially and socially and we do it every day at the local, state and national levels.

We understand the academic, financial, and social-personal challenges of post graduate training. Today, I am still a practicing physician while leading OnCall Solutions to find the best opportunities for you. With the help of our team of Chief Medical Officers, who are also full time practicing physicians and have walked in your shoes, we are here to support you every step of the way throughout your career. I invite you to join our team at OnCall Solutions today.

Take control of your career with OnCall Solutions

Why moonlight as a doctor or resident? There are several benefits with moonlighting opportunities, including extra income, networking opportunities, new experiences, and increased autonomy.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of moonlighting.

Extra Income

Naturally, one of the most popular benefits of moonlighting is the extra income it provides.

Moonlighting shifts tend to pay higher than traditional shifts—helping you make the most of your time on the clock. Working just a few moonlighting shifts each month can substantially boost your overall earnings.

Networking and Future Employment Prospects

Whether you are a resident preparing to apply for a permanent position or looking for new part- time opportunities, moonlighting can help. Picking up moonlighting shifts at other institutions provides valuable networking opportunities. You can experience the different clinics, hospitals, communities, and job benefits available in your area firsthand. Once you find the right fit, you will have connections who can help you easily land your desired position.

New Experiences

Have you reached a lull at your hospital or clinic? Perhaps you are interested in seeing what is out there? Maybe you are a resident hoping to gain experience that your home institution cannot provide? Moonlighting is the perfect way to gain exposure to new experiences. These opportunities allow you to learn new things, meet new people, test new work environments, and keep your job engaging without a full-time commitment.

Increased Autonomy

Doctors and residents often have limited control when navigating the fast-paced medical industry. Moonlighting puts a little more control in your hands—letting you manage your pay, your extra shift schedule, your work location, and often the areas of the medical field you choose to practice within.

Residents and trainees can also experience more autonomy in making patient decisions—while still having help at their fingertips. It creates the ideal circumstances for exploring and expanding your comfort zone in a safe, autonomous environment.

OnCall Solutions is your long-term career partner.

Your personal and dedicated On Call Solutions recruiter understands when moonlighting as a resident, your program will have requirements you must meet and educational programs you must attend. Additionally, the ACGME limits residents to 80-hour work week averages—which includes moonlighting hours. We will help you with all of the regulations, credentialing, malpractice insurance and onboarding, every step of the way.

Our teams are led by a group of Board Certified, practicing Chief Medical Officers that are actively practicing medicine. OnCall Solutions’ is on your side to provide you physician to physician / clinician support. Whether it’s a medical question, how to manage a patient’s care, or navigating the hospital, we have you covered.

OnCall’s goal is to provide you with the flexibility you need and the opportunity to control your schedule with the support of like-minded healthcare professionals.

Take control of your career today!

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  • There’s nothing fun about paperwork, but it’s a necessity. Thankfully, the credentialing team at OnCall Solutions are pros. They make it as easy as possible so that I can focus on patient care.

    Jacob C.
  • I needed to become licensed in another state to work at a facility I had been wanted to explore. OnCall supported me every step of the way. They made the phone calls and managed the details to expedite the process.

    Maud M.
  • Early in my career, I was excited to travel to new locations and try out new facilities as a locums. Now, I have two young boys, and I want to be home with them as much as possible - while still paying off some loans. OnCall makes it possible for me to work locally and control my schedule, so I have the right balance of work and family life.

    John C.
  • My experience with the OnCall recruiter was better than I could have imagined. She really took an interest in finding out exactly what I needed and found the right situation for me. She was very responsive and available. I would highly recommend OnCall if you’re looking for additional shifts.

    Kenzie P.
  • I feel very fortunate to have one residence in New York and another in Florida near my wife’s parents. It’s wonderful for the kids to be able to spend holidays and summer vacations with their grandparents. OnCall helps me find flexible positions to live the lifestyle I want to live.

    Aaron J.
  • As a resident, gaining both experience and exposure is a high priority for me. OnCall offers me opportunities to practice in high-quality settings that I know will contribute to a better long-term medical career.

    Simon S.
  • I highly recommend OnCall to help connect you to outstanding short-term opportunities. As a PA, I appreciate how attentive the recruiters and credentialers have been to help me try new situations and new locations without a long-term commitment.

    Emily D.
  • Our health system has been working with OnCall Solutions for more than 13 years. We can rely on them to ensure our shifts our filled and vacancies are covered. OnCall has made it possible for us to ensure our physicians have back-up and can maintain work-life balance.

    Shane A.
  • We’ve lost a lot of excellent healthcare professionals over the past two years. Everyone has. As we build back, we are realizing things may never be exactly the same. So, we are taking a different approach to how we look at staffing. If a provider wants a permanent part-time schedule or regular sabbaticals to go on a mission trip, we get it. OnCall helps us give our schedulers flexibility and stability we need.

    Imani B.
  • Whether you need help to just fill a shift or you are looking for a longer-term solution, the OnCall staff is always so respectful. They listen calmly but they also understand the urgency and are eager to help. I’ve had a great experience working with OnCall.

    Lois B.
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