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Looking for Moonlighters? How to Find the Right Fit for Your Healthcare Facility

Moonlighters play a valuable role in healthcare facilities, providing an essential influx of talent when and where they’re needed most. But the right fit is necessary for both moonlighters and medical facilities to have a successful partnership.

Here are a few essential qualities for healthcare facilities to factor in when working with a moonlighting and locum tenens staffing agency to determine whether an applicant will be the right fit.

What is Medical Moonlighting?

Medical moonlighting refers to the practice of medical residents working a second job as an independent physician, in addition to their primary residency. Unlike the traditional sense of moonlighting, which implies working at night, medical moonlighting can occur at any time, given the variable schedules of residents. 

There are two main types of medical moonlighting: internal and external. 

Internal moonlighting consists of working extra shifts within the same hospital where one is completing their residency, offering a more straightforward option for extra work. External moonlighting, on the other hand, involves taking up positions in other hospitals, clinics, or urgent care centers, often under locum tenens arrangements.

Why Many Healthcare Organizations Hire Medical Moonlighters

Medical facilities frequently hire medical moonlighters for several reasons. 

Staffing shortages: By bringing in residents as moonlighters, hospitals and clinics can effectively address staffing shortages, particularly during peak times or unexpected surges in patient volume, ensuring that patient care remains timely and of high quality. 

Fresh Perspectives: Moreover, medical moonlighters, with their up-to-date training and eagerness to gain more hands-on experience, bring fresh perspectives and energy to the team. 

Developing a Workforce: Moonlighting jobs help support the professional growth of medical residents, allowing them to apply their learning in real-world settings and develop a broader skill set that they might not otherwise be able to. Medical moonlighting enriches the healthcare environment by fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge and skills, ultimately benefiting patient care and the healthcare system as a whole.

Qualifications & Experience

Moonlighting medical may not be long-term employees in your healthcare facility, but they need the same knowledge and expertise as any other medical . Short-term needs proper training and qualifications to provide patients with the required top-of-the-line care.

Many doctors and medical practitioners use moonlighting assignments to expand their work experience. While these applicants possess all the prerequisite knowledge and qualifications, they may have less direct experience working in a particular type of facility.

Many healthcare organizations benefit from such moonlighting , as they’re committed to learning from their new work environment while making valuable contributions. However, some healthcare facilities prefer moonlighters with established experience in their particular type of facility.

Before hiring, evaluate the necessary expertise requirements for your various moonlighting roles.

Patient-Centric Approach

Qualifications and experience mean nothing if medical professionals can’t provide patients with warm and compassionate care during their treatment.

For many medical facilities, their ‘s bedside manner can be as essential as anything. Working with your moonlighting and locum tenens staffing agency will be vital for understanding the members you’re looking to bring in. With proper vetting, you can ensure you avoid a poor match before it even happens.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Adaptability and flexibility are necessary traits for all moonlighters and locum tenens medical . While moonlighters can help bring in valuable outside knowledge to help to improve your institutional processes—it isn’t unreasonable to expect new to adapt to your policies and procedures. After all, your facility’s methods are in place for a reason.

Your moonlighting and locum tenens staffing agency can play a crucial role in identifying potential placements who are adaptable and willing to learn your facility’s practices. Your agency is also your first contact if you find your moonlighting doesn’t match the level of adaptability you require.

Don’t Overlook Local Talent

Too often, healthcare administrators fall for the misconception that to get the best talent you need to look far from home.

In reality, many of the best moonlighting and locum tenens medical professionals can be found in your local area. Local medical often understand your patient population better and have stronger ties and commitments to your community. Local moonlighting also come far cheaper than staffing that requires significant relocation.

It’s why a locum tenens staffing agency like OnCall Solutions specializes in providing healthcare facilities with top-of-the-line moonlighting and locum tenens medical from their local areas. With exceptional local , healthcare facilities benefit from reduced staffing costs and better patient care.

OnCall Solutions: Providing Healthcare Facilities with Talented, Local Medical Professionals

Are you a healthcare facility looking for quality moonlighting and locum tenens medical professionals? OnCall Solutions provides medical facilities with quality without the high costs of relocation.

Reach out to us today to learn more about moonlighting and locum tenens staffing solutions.

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