Philadelphia Physician Employment

September 7, 2022
1 min read

There was a time when Philadelphia physician employment could be likened to a maze, requiring many qualified applicants to wander endlessly in search of the perfect match. Today the Web has democratized the process and made it far easier to get the proper position in a hurry, thanks in no small part to resources such as OnCall Solutions. If you’re looking for a faster way to find Philadelphia physician employment, you’ll find our services to be quite useful. Click Here for Philadelphia Physician Employment!

OnCall Solutions gives young physicians and experienced professionals every opportunity to discover meaningful, lucrative work throughout the city. We can place you with part-time work, moonlighting jobs or a variety of other positions, no matter what kind of medicine you practice. OnCall Solutions brings hospitals and other employers under one roof to make the hunt easier.

Hospital administrators have come to trust this organization for a reason. Founded by two physicians and maintained with assiduous support, OnCall Solutions gives caregivers and medical centers a better way to get in touch and create lasting relationships. We can even handle logistical busy work such as insurance claims and more to ensure everyone is situated with minimum hassle.

If you’re a practicing physician looking for work, start by filling out our brief online application. Then, we’ll contact you to talk about available openings and any job-related needs you may have. If you want to learn more, you can always contact the OnCall Solutions pros anytime. Try 215-337-4547 or and you can expect a fast response.

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Even before physician burnout was the number one issue facing organized medicine, we sought to offer a solution. Our comprehensive staffing options give physicians control over their schedule and facilities control over their costs - the best of both worlds for hospitals and medical practitioners alike.
Scott Shapiro MD, FACC
CEO & Founder
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