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Nurse Practitioner Jobs: 6 Questions to Ask Your Recruiter Before You Sign Up

If you’re a nurse interested in reaching out to nurse practitioner job recruiters for help with your job hunt, it can be hard to know if they’ll set you up with the right position. Since the right nurse practitioner recruiter can be a huge help when picking a position, nurses should take the time to make sure the recruiter is qualified and able to meet their goals. Whether you’re interested in locum tenens, moonlighting, or permanent nursing positions, you’ll want to ask the following questions before you commit to a nurse practitioner recruiter.

1. What Compensation and Benefits Should I Expect?

One of the first questions you should ask is how much money you can expect to make when working with a nurse practitioner recruiter and their medical staffing agency. When the recruiter has a track record of helping nurse practitioners land high-paying positions for their clients, you can trust them to find a position that meets your financial goals. You can also ask if they offer a pay match program, where the recruiter’s agency will match your pay for the same job if another agency offers more.

You’ll also want to discuss what kinds of benefits the agency offers. For example, it’s a good idea to check if they provide malpractice insurance, medical tail coverage, and assistance with onboarding. If they don’t offer these benefits, you may want to look for another nurse practitioner recruiter who works with an agency that does provide them.

2. What Kind of Healthcare Organizations Does Your Organizations Help Staff?

Another question you’ll need to ask is about the types of organizations a potential recruiter helps staff. A recruiter who only staffs smaller private practices won’t be right for a nurse who wants to work in an ER or other hospital position.

As a result, discuss what type of healthcare organization you’d like to work for and any specialties you might have. When a recruiter has experience working with nurses in your specialty and has a wide network of varying healthcare organizations, you’re more likely to find a position that works best for you.

3. What Types of Nursing Positions Can the Recruiter Help You Receive?

Nursing recruiters may work for agencies that specialize in certain types of nursing positions, such as travel, locum tenens, moonlighting, or permanent nursing roles. Before you sign on with the recruiter, check to see if they can help you land the type of contract you want. For instance, if you want to find locum tenens nursing positions in your area and don’t want to move, a travel nurse recruiter probably won’t be right for you.

It’s also a good idea to sign on with a recruiter who works for an agency that can help you land both temporary and permanent positions. Since your goals might change, a recruiter who has experience connecting nurses with locum tenens and permanent staffing positions is ideal. If you have a particular nursing specialty, you’ll also want to check that the recruiter can place you in your specialty at the healthcare organizations they partner with.

4. Does the Agency Offer Assistance for Onboarding and Support for Potential Issues?

When you’re first signing on with a new healthcare organization, you’ll have to go through a variety of onboarding processes. Ask your recruiter if they’ll handle applications and onboarding tasks, such as medical credentialing and malpractice insurance, for you. If they take care of all or most of the application and onboarding processes, you’ll have a smoother and stress-free onboarding experience, ensuring you can focus on the job from the very moment you sign a contract.

Alongside checking how much they help with onboarding, see if they offer support during your contract. For example, if you’re on a locum tenens contract and have concerns about a clinical situation, you’ll likely want to speak with someone at the recruiter’s agency about your concerns. By making sure they offer support throughout the entire contract, you can trust you have someone in your corner who is working in your best interests.

5. How Fast Will It Take to Find a Position?

A nurse practitioner job recruiter should know how long it usually takes them to place their clients at healthcare organizations. If they can’t tell you how long it normally takes them to find a position, you’ll probably want to turn elsewhere. As long as the recruiter has a track record of placing nurses in a timeframe meeting your goals, you’re more likely to find a position faster.

6. Does the Nurse Practioner Recruiter’s Agency Offer Malpractice Insurance?

As a nurse, malpractice insurance coverage is necessary to protect yourself from malpractice suits. Due to its importance, ask your recruiter if they offer malpractice insurance. If they do, you’ll also want to know whether their insurance is comprehensive, how long the malpractice insurance lasts (i.e., will it cover you after your assignment ends?), and whether there are any charges you have to pay. Look for agencies that offer comprehensive malpractice insurance with medical tail coverage to ensure you’re protected even after your assignment ends.

Connect with a Nurse Practitioner Job Recruiter at OnCall Solutions

At OnCall Solutions, our nurse practitioner job recruiters are ready to help you find a locum tenens, moonlighting, or permanent position at healthcare organizations across the country. Our nationwide network and local focus make us excel at placing nurses wherever they prefer. We also make onboarding simple, as we handle malpractice insurance and credentialing for you. Additionally, you can also trust your recruiter to get to know your goals, compensation requirements, and scheduling preferences to ensure they can find a position right for you.

Learn more about our nurse practitioner recruitment services today. If you have any questions or want to connect with one of our nurse practitioner recruiters, please contact us.

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