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3 Ways Hospital Staffing Agencies Improve HR Workloads

When hospitals seek to fill vacancies fast, their HR departments’ workload spike as they search for and interview qualified candidates–which can lead to a variety of other challenges. Instead of increasing your HR team’s workload, you can use a medical staffing partner agency to handle your hospital’s staffing issues and take pressure off your HR team. Find out more about the top three ways a medical staffing partner staffing can improve your hospital’s HR workload.

1. Quickly Fill Vacancies

If your hospital has ever dealt with unexpected staffing shortages, you know how much it can spike your HR team’s workload. As they scramble to find new staff, they’ll have to focus more on hiring and take their attention away from their other responsibilities. Besides adding to their workload, filling a large number of vacancies and ensuring patients have the care they need can increase your HR team’s stress and reduce their job satisfaction.

Hospital medical staffing agencies allow your HR department to quickly fill vacancies without an extensive, stress-filled job search. Since a trusted medical staffing partner will provide your hospital with experienced providers, your HR team won’t have to scramble to find qualified candidates for vacancies. Without the pressure to quickly hire full-time staff, your HR staff will have more breathing room and a lower workload.

2. More Time to Find and Hire High-Quality Candidates

Without a hospital medical staffing partner in your corner, your HR department will have to rush to find new candidates for a recently opened position. As your HR team looks for a new candidate, their workload will increase, and they’ll be more likely to rush through the hiring process. As a result, your hospital could hire someone who seems to have all the right credentials but turns out not to be a good fit once they start working.

If your hospital hires someone you realize isn’t a good fit, your team will have to let them go and start the search again. Fortunately, medical staffing agencies give your HR team time to evaluate and interview candidates to ensure great hiring choices. While your HR team looks for a candidate, staff from a medical staffing partner will keep your hospital working at peak efficiency during staff shortages and lessen your HR team’s workload while they review candidates.

3. Less Work for Your HR Team

When you hire staff through traditional means, your HR team will have a lot of work to do to get them up to speed. For example, your team will likely have to devote time to recruiting and training new hires, setting up their payments, paid time off, insurance, and contracts. Though your team is trained to handle all these parts of the hiring and onboarding process, a staff shortage can put far too much work on your HR department.

Hospital staffing agencies can lessen the work your HR team has to do when filling in vacancies by reducing the number of onboarding and contract details they have to coordinate and complete. When you partner with a medical staffing agency, they’ll already complete most of this work, meaning your HR team will have a reduced workload, and the staff from the agency can fill in faster than if you hired someone directly.

Improve Hospital HR Workloads With OnCall Solutions

If you want to take advantage of all the ways a hospital medical staffing partner improves your HR team’s workloads, turn to OnCall Solutions. As as a medical staffing partner, we’re committed to placing local, qualified physicians and clinicians at hospitals, whether they’re part-time, long-term, per diem, contractor, 1099 contractor or moonlighting providers.

At OnCall Solutions, we’re also proud to provide cost-effective medical staffing, as our services are consistently 25 to 40% less expensive than other options, such as locum tenens staffing agencies. Whether you need full-time, part-time, short-term, or long-term CRNAs, nurse practitioners, physicians, or physician assistants, our team can quickly place expert staff at your hospital.

Learn more about OnCall Solutions’ hospital medical staffing solutions today. If you’d like to improve your hospital HR staff’s workload, please contact us.

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