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How Hospital Staffing Partners Simplify Medical Credentialing

A stethoscope atop medical credentialing files

Before you hire any medical staff, it’s critical they have the right clinical practice history and academic credentials. The medical credentialing process can be complicated, and if you try to do it on your own, your hiring process will likely take longer than you’d like. Instead of vetting a new hire’s medical credentials on your […]

Locums Agency vs Medical Staffing Partner: What’s the Difference?

Magnifying glass identifying the the right medical provider applicant

When you need to quickly fill temporary positions at your healthcare facility, you’ll usually have the choice between traditional locum tenens staffing agencies or medical staffing partners. While these two types of staffing solutions can be useful when you need to fill hospital medical staffing positions, they have a few key differences you’ll want to […]

3 Ways Hospital Staffing Agencies Improve HR Workloads

A large stack of hospital records and a stethoscope

When hospitals seek to fill vacancies fast, their HR departments’ workload spike as they search for and interview qualified candidates–which can lead to a variety of other challenges. Instead of increasing your HR team’s workload, you can use a medical staffing partner agency to handle your hospital’s staffing issues and take pressure off your HR […]

Hospital Staffing Shortages? 5 Ways a Staffing Agency Can Help

Moonlighting hospitalists walking through hospital

The healthcare industry faces unprecedented challenges due to hospital staffing shortages. Multiple issues are contributing to the widespread shortage of qualified physicians and nurses. Fortunately, hospitalist staffing companies provide real, lasting solutions to staffing shortages. Of course, providing talented and qualified medical professionals is the most obvious contribution. But the solutions go even deeper than […]

How Medical Support Teams Help Locum Tenens

Moonlighting doctor texts his medical support team member.

While many medical scheduling services can help connect locums and moonlighters with hospitals and other facilities, the best locum tenens companies also provide quality medical support. These medical support teams can be the difference between a lucrative, enjoyable locum tenens or moonlighting position—and one where providers get left in the dark. Medical Support Teams: How […]

4 Hospital Staffing Models to Know When Considering a Locums Agency

Hospital administrators in a meeting

When facing shortages, healthcare facilities increasingly seek the help of locum tenens and moonlighting medical professionals. In fact, a 2022 survey from AMN healthcare found that as many as 88% of healthcare facilities nowadays rely on locum tenens providers. Locum tenens agencies help healthcare facilities reduce costs, provide better patient care, prevent employee burnout, and […]

8 Ways OnCall Solutions Helps Hospitals with Medical Staffing Services

moonlighting and locum tenens medical staff

By benefiting patients, medical , and administrators alike, OnCall Solutions allows hospitals to continue to provide their highest quality of care. Here are 8 ways how locum tenens and moonlighting medical services like OnCall Solutions can help your healthcare organization. 1. Quality Assurance Evaluating potential medical hires can be an involved and complex process. Assessing […]

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