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A Guide to Telemedicine Staffing and Recruitment

Telemedicine doctor interview

With telemedicine offering greater convenience and more affordable care to patients, many healthcare organizations want to increase their telemedicine offerings. Alongside the convenience and affordability of telehealth, it reduces patient wait times, decreases no-show rates, and raises adherence to treatment plans. It’s also very attractive to many clinicians who want to work from home and […]

Can You Moonlight for Telehealth Companies? How It Works

A telehealth moonlighting doctor attends an appointment.

Many residents and other healthcare providers look to telehealth moonlighting opportunities as a means to build experience, enjoy flexibility, and make extra income. This guide can help healthcare providers learn what moonlighting for a telehealth agency looks like, how to determine whether they’re free to work in these opportunities, and how to ensure compliance with […]

5 Benefits of Telehealth Locum Tenens Opportunities

A patient attends a telemedicine locums doctor appointment.

In recent years, healthcare providers have been increasingly seeking telemedicine locums jobs and moonlighting jobs for several reasons. New advances in technology and high-speed internet have allowed for reliable telehealth services, leading to improvements for patients, providers, and the healthcare industry alike. For physicians of all types (attending, fellow, and resident), moonlighting telemedicine offers numerous […]

4 Tips for Filling Telehealth Staffing Vacancies

A woman seeks the advice of a telehealth clinician

Increasingly, patients are choosing telemedicine—for good reasons. Telehealth appointments are convenient, cheaper, and accessible, and they may even help improve patient care. But it isn’t just patients who appreciate the benefits of telemedicine. Clinicians enjoy its flexibility and the increased scope of their practice. At the same time, healthcare organizations are aided by telehealth’s efficient […]

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