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5 Benefits of Telehealth Locum Tenens Opportunities

In recent years, healthcare providers have been increasingly seeking telemedicine locums jobs and moonlighting jobs for several reasons. New advances in technology and high-speed internet have allowed for reliable telehealth services, leading to improvements for patients, providers, and the healthcare industry alike.

For physicians of all types (attending, fellow, and resident), moonlighting telemedicine offers numerous benefits that go beyond the extra boost to your paycheck. Here are five major benefits of telemedicine locums jobs and moonlighting positions for physicians and other medical professionals.

1. Flexibility

Telemedicine locums jobs and moonlighting positions offer providers unparalleled flexibility in how, when, and from where they can provide care. The remote nature of telemedicine locums jobs simplifies the process of fitting appointments into already busy schedules. Fitting in medical moonlighting as a resident or attending physician can be as simple as scheduling appointments from your office, home, or wherever your life takes you.

2. Expanded Patient Pool

Telemedicine locums jobs and moonlighting positions allow providers to serve far larger patient pools, including patients who might not usually have access to quality medical care.

With telemedicine services, patients who previously had difficulty scheduling medical appointments, including residents in rural areas and remote locations, can now easily access telehealth medicine. The same is true for patients who live locally but who do not have access to reliable transportation.

This is also true for disabled and elderly patients. Many disabled patients can more easily attend the appointments of locum tenens telemedicine care providers, gaining access to necessary care and treatment.

3. Efficient Patient Care

Telemedicine locums jobs and moonlighting positions pave the way for better and more efficient patient care. By cutting out extra hurdles and expenses involved in routine in-hospital or in-clinic visits, telehealth opportunities make for cheaper and more efficient care.

Patients are more likely to schedule visits with providers when appointments remain affordable and easy, which means many medical conditions that might have gone diagnosed can be treated in the early stages, before patients’ conditions grow worse.

4. Reduced Spread of Infection and Disease

As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, the mitigation and prevention of the spread of disease is paramount to the efficacy and safety of healthcare operations. Telehealth medicine has proven itself to be an ideal way to treat patients suspected at risk of contagious diseases.

By utilizing telehealth technology, patients are less likely to infect each other in healthcare facilities. At the same time, providers are likely to stay healthier, too.

5. Reduces Provider Burnout

Finally, locums telemedicine jobs and moonlighting positions allow medical practitioners to provide care without the harmful effects of medical burnout.

Telehealth medicine helps prevent burnout in two major ways. The first is that providers find work less physically exhausting by streamlining appointments and reducing unnecessary hurdles.

The second way telemedicine locums jobs and moonlighting positions help prevent burnout is by reducing the load required of full-time clinicians in hospitals and other facilities. When healthcare organizations reach out to locum tenens facilities for the help of qualified telehealth doctors, they ensure their full-time staff aren’t overworked, and their patients receive optimal care.

OnCall Solutions: Providing Opportunities for Physician (Attending or Resident) Moonlighting Telemedicine

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