How to Find Qualified Clinicians for Vacant Telehealth Opportunities

January 31, 2023
3 min read

Increasingly, patients are choosing telemedicine—for good reasons. Telehealth appointments are convenient, cheaper, and accessible, and they may even help improve patient care.

But it isn’t just patients who appreciate the benefits of telemedicine. Clinicians enjoy its flexibility and the increased scope of their practice. At the same time, healthcare organizations are aided by telehealth’s efficient costs and extra ing support.

But hiring the right telehealth professionals can be a complex undertaking. Ensuring the right hire is vital to ensure patients’ quality of care, yet with such a vast talent pool and the uncertainties of remote hiring, it can be hard to know where to start.

Fortunately, locum tenens telehealth ing agencies make finding telehealth clinicians simple. But whether you’re partnering with a telemedicine ing agency or going it alone, here are three helpful tips for hiring telehealth clinicians.

1. Establish Transparency from the Start

Provide applicants with as much information as possible upfront to save time and minimize the potential for misunderstandings. Creating clarity around work roles, wages, and qualifications helps tighten your applicant pool. Even if there are standing uncertainties about the position, establishing transparency helps all parties.

In the same vein, maintaining transparency with your telemedicine moonlighting ing agency can help make the hiring process seamless. Telehealth ing agencies help both applicants and potential employers. For instance, at OnCall Solutions, each of our partnered medical professionals has a personal recruiter who directs applicants toward the positions best suited for them.

2. Don’t Settle When Hiring for Telehealth

Telehealth medical practitioners require all the qualifications as full-time medical . While health visits are digital, the same foundational principles of practicing medicine remain the same.

That’s why telehealth ing agencies ensure healthcare organizations are received the top, qualified applicants for their positions. Don’t settle when hiring—as telehealth patients still rely on quality care.

3. Sometimes, Location Does Matter

Telemedicine connects highly-qualified clinicians with patients all over. Yet location still plays an essential role in who health organizations hire.

Location goes beyond variance in time zones—though it’s important to note whether your telehealth employees will need to schedule appointments in the middle of the night!

Clinicians in local areas may understand a particular region’s population better, including endemic health trends and threats. Patients often feel more comfortable with doctors from their region, and studies have shown those clinicians might provide better care.

Additionally, due to shifting regional legislation and cultural attitudes, some patients prefer to seek doctors outside their region, in places more aligned with their cultural views.

Since medical care can be deeply personal, patients have all sorts of reasons why they prefer to select caregivers from their region or beyond.

OnCall Solutions: The Top Choice Among Locum Tenens Telehealth Staffing Agencies

OnCall Solutions is here to help your healthcare organization your telemedicine positions with the best-qualified applicants available. We specialize in locum tenens telehealth ing, and our services remain flexible to suit your healthcare organization’s needs.

Are you interested in learning more about our telehealth, locum tenens, and moonlighting ing services? Reach out to us today. Let us help connect you with the motivated and qualified telehealth that can make a difference in your communities.

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