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Identify & Prevent Physician & Clinician Burnout: A Guide

Burnout was first coined in 1974 by Herbert Freuenberger, a psychologist, and since its first usage, burnout has continued to hold relevance in multiple industries, especially healthcare. In modern terms, clinician burnout refers to prolonged stress that causes clinicians to consistently feel mentally, emotionally, and/or physically exhausted. As you might expect, clinicians who are burned out will […]

6 Business Tips for Locum Tenens Physicians

Locum tenens doctor interviews with hospital administrator

Locum tenens and moonlighting can be an excellent way for medical professionals to earn extra money, gain experience, and benefit from flexibility and freedom in their work life. And while navigating the business side of locum tenens work can sometimes be tricky—it doesn’t have to be. Locum Tenens Business Advice–Whether You’re Per-Diem, Part-Time, or Full-Time […]

Two Vital Financial Topics for Locum Tenens Physicians

Financial planning for a locum tenens physician

As a locum tenens physician, things are slightly different on the financial planning side compared to your colleagues in academic medicine or private practice. An expert in this field, Chad Chubb, CFP, CSLP—founder and lead advisor at WealthKeel—contributed the following post to the OnCall Solutions blog to help provide insight. Sure, you have to do […]

What is Moonlighting in Residency? Answers to Common Questions

A doctor with a heart bandaid

Residents across the nation are using moonlighting to earn extra income, gain more experience, and broaden their networks. If you are considering moonlighting as a resident, you might have a few questions. The experts at OnCall Solutions are here with the answers. What is Moonlighting? In the broadest sense, moonlighting is the practice of picking […]

Moonlighting as a Doctor: A Guide to the Pros & Cons

A doctor with informative building blocks

If you are considering a medical moonlighting job, you might be interested in learning more about the pros and cons of these opportunities. The professionals at OnCall Solutions are here with insight. Pros of Moonlighting as a Doctor Why moonlight as a doctor or resident? There are several benefits you can expect to reap from […]

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