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6 Business Tips for Locum Tenens Physicians

Locum tenens and moonlighting can be an excellent way for medical professionals to earn extra money, gain experience, and benefit from flexibility and freedom in their work life. And while navigating the business side of locum tenens work can sometimes be tricky—it doesn’t have to be.

Locum Tenens Business Advice–Whether You’re Per-Diem, Part-Time, or Full-Time

Through locum tenens assignments, physicians have the opportunity to explore new locations, gain diverse experiences, or augment their income according to their unique needs. This approach can serve as a bridge to fulfilling careers, provide valuable time for volunteer efforts, or even allow for working vacations. Essentially, it’s a versatile solution tailored to meet a wide range of objectives, making it an ideal strategy for physicians at any stage of their career.

Locum tenens work offers physicians a flexible pathway to achieving your professional and personal goals, whether you’re interested in full-time, part-time, or per diem roles. But since the business side can be complicated, we’ve put together these six tips for locum tenens, regardless of how much, or how little, you’re looking to work.

1. Stay Flexible–But Understand Your Limits

Flexibility is vital to finding and enjoying excellent locum tenens positions.

However, it’s equally important to understand the limits of your flexibility. Flexibility is great, but it’s unrealistic to assume medical professionals don’t have other important life, family, and work considerations to factor in. For that reason, don’t accept locum tenens or moonlighting assignments if they don’t sync up with your requirements. The best locum tenens companies will provide you with numerous options that consider your needs.

2. You Don’t Have to Travel

A common misunderstanding for locum tenens positions is that they require medical professionals to relocate to different cities or states for weeks or months. While locum tenens positions can be a great way to experience new areas of the country for the first time, you don’t have to move far away to find a locum tenens position.

In fact, certain locum tenens and moonlighting agencies specialize in finding assignments near you. So if relocating isn’t something you’re able to do—or interested in doing—you can still take part in the benefits of locum tenens positions.

3. Do Your Research When Applying for Locum Tenens Positions . . .

Medical professionals can reach out directly to hospitals to find work under per diem rates. But be careful—you’ll be required to negotiate your salary and working requirements. Without proper research, you may not receive fair compensation for your work and level of expertise. Before reaching out to any medical facilities, research your preferred compensation, working hours/conditions, and the type of environment you’ll be joining.

4. . . . Or Sign Up with a Locum Tenens Agency

Many medical professionals prefer to partner with the best locum tenens agencies to put aside their worries regarding fair compensation and working conditions. After all, it can be extremely time-consuming to do significant prerequisite research and cold-calling to find your assignments.

Thankfully, locum tenens agencies make finding assignments easy. The best locum tenens companies have established relationships with hospitals, so they know first when positions are open, can help medical professionals achieve fair compensation rates, and can provide doctors valuable advice even before they arrive. In addition, a locum tenens agency can help prevent poor matches before those matches even happen!

5. Oversharing is Better Than Undersharing

When working with a locum tenens and moonlighting medical ing agency, your experiences and interests are valuable tools that help your agency locate the right assignment for you. Even seemingly minor forms of previous experience can help—and agencies will always benefit from more information about you. Communicate your experiences, interests, and career goals to your locum tenens ing agency so they can help connect you with the optimal partners.

6. Have Fun!

Locum tenens and moonlighting assignments can expose medical professionals to a multitude of new experiences and allow them to grow in many ways. Discover new cities and areas of the country—or find a new work community in your area!

With the freedom and flexibility of moonlighting and locum tenens assignments, there’s no reason not to enjoy yourself and your work.

OnCall Solutions: Your Locum Tenens and Moonlighting Medical Staffing Agency

Do you have other questions about the business side of locum tenens and moonlighting positions? Are you looking for more tips on choosing and preparing for your moonlighting or locum tenens positions? Proudly one the best locum tenens companies out there, OnCall Solutions has the insights to set you off in the right direction—and we can help you find the perfect locum tenens or moonlighting assignment.

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