8 Ways OnCall Solutions Helps Hospitals with Medical Staffing Services

November 1, 2022
2 min read

By benefiting patients, medical , and administrators alike, OnCall Solutions allows hospitals to continue to provide their highest quality of care. Here are 8 ways how locum tenens and moonlighting medical ing services like OnCall Solutions can help your healthcare organization.

1. Quality Assurance

Evaluating potential medical hires can be an involved and complex process. Assessing applicants’ qualifications, capabilities, and fit is not easy—and mistakes sometimes happen. That’s why it’s helpful to outsource medical ing to firms specialized to strategically match the best candidates to their ideal workplace fit.

2. Accelerates Medical Staffing

Quality assurance of new hires is not only difficult, it’s significantly time-consuming. Even in the best of times, medical hiring can be a drawn-out process. But when ing shortages or emergencies occur, the delay required to hire suitable candidates can adversely affect the quality of a hospital’s care. On call medical ing solutions can respond quickly to a hospital’s ing requests with a ready roster of specialized candidates to fill their needs.

3. Flexibility

Whether it’s flu season or the accident-prone evening of The 4th of July, certain times require additional ing to address patient needs. But maintaining during slow months can be a debilitating expense for hospitals. On call medical ing solutions allow hospitals to adjust ing easily according to patient flow.

4. Better Care for Patients

By using on call medical ing, hospitals can ensure they avoid ing shortages, which can be responsible for significant dropoffs in the quality of patient care. By remaining properly ed, your organization provides enough qualified medical workers to respond appropriately and fully to patients’ needs.

5. Prevent Nurse and Doctor Fatigue and Burnout

While many committed doctors and nurses are willing to pick up extra hours in times of medical ing shortages, their additional commitment can lead to exhaustion and burnout. It’s important to protect your medical over the long haul by ensuring they don’t need to work overtime to cover their organization’s ing needs.

6. Reduce Patient Cost

Studies have shown proper medical ing reduces the duration of patient stay, in-hospital injuries, and chances of readmission. Simply put, more ensures better procedures that ensure patients receive the proper care and treatment to convalesce.

7. Emergency Staffing On Call

In the event of emergencies when numerous patients require intensive care, medical ing solutions are available to help. With a simple call, medical ing can begin directing qualified medical to your facility.

8. Increased Patient Satisfaction

Finally, proper medical ing and care will result in higher patient satisfaction. Your patients will be grateful for the care your medical can provide them, reflecting well on your facility, your doctors and nurses, and your organization’s values.

OnCall Solutions: Your Medical Staffing Provider

OnCall Solutions is not your traditional locums company. We provide you local physicians and APPs who are committed to their community. Our methods save your organization money and ensure it benefits from all 8 of the points mentioned above—and more.

We’re happy to provide your healthcare organization with medical ing resources that can provide your patients with the highest quality of care. Contact us to learn more about what we can offer you, or request highly-qualified today.

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