How Medical Support Teams Help Locum Tenens

February 28, 2023
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While many medical scheduling services can help connect locums and moonlighters with hospitals and other facilities, the best locum tenens companies also provide quality medical support. These medical support teams can be the difference between a lucrative, enjoyable locum tenens or moonlighting position—and one where providers get left in the dark.

The best locum tenens companies give locums and moonlighters access to medical experts who know the ins and outs of the healthcare industry. With their aid, locums providers can trust they have everything needed to succeed in their moonlighting and locum tenens assignments.

Here are just a few of the many ways that locums and moonlighters can rely on their locum tenens company’s medical support specialists.

1. Medical Advice

One of the greatest benefits medical support teams can offer is general advice on providing the best care to patients. This advice is often particularly beneficial for residents and fellows, who often find the input of experienced physicians instrumental in helping them start on the right foot in the medical field.

Medical professionals know that diagnosing and treating patients goes far beyond textbook learning, and the guidance of experienced physicians can help moonlighters and locums in the numerous, demanding facets of a provider’s responsibilities.

2. Advice on Medical Insurance & the Healthcare Business

Choosing the right medical insurance plan can be a confusing and complex process. The same is true with many elements of navigating the business side of the medical industry. That’s why moonlighting and locums physicians, physician’s assistants, and nurse practitioners can often benefit from the advice of experienced members in their field.

Do you have questions about locum tenens taxes or moonlighting insurance? Your medical support team can point you in the direction of the best resources. With the right medical support team, there is no reason to try to sort out complex financial and medical insurance topics alone.

3. Workplace Advice

Working in a new hospital or clinic can be challenging. Even if the responsibilities of providing patient care are similar between systems, there are always numerous new protocols, staff, and idiosyncracies to learn. While every healthcare facility is unique in its own way, there are strategies veteran locum tenens physicians use to grow comfortable in their environments as quickly as possible.

A team of board-certified medical support staff can help healthcare providers adjust to their new moonlighting and locum tenens assignments. That includes advice for dealing with any of those day-to-day issues that might arise with administration, coworkers, and patients.

“Is this normal?”

“What is the most professional way to . . .?”

These are just a couple of the kinds of questions medical support teams receive daily from locums and moonlighting medical professionals. They’re more than happy to help you succeed in your new locum tenens position.

OnCall Solutions: Providing Locum Tenens and Moonlighters the Support They Need

The hallmark of the best locum tenens companies is the medical support they offer. OnCall Solutions provides locums and moonlighters with board-certified doctors who know exactly what they need. OnCall Solutions’ locums and moonlighting partners can trust their support team’s guidance.

Are you interested in partnering with OnCall Solutions to gain access to rewarding moonlighting and locum tenens assignments with the highest levels of medical support? Reach out to our recruiters to find the perfect assignment for you.

Looking to learn more about locum tenens and moonlighting positions, and how these positions benefit doctors, patients, and the medical industry at large? Check out OnCall Solutions’ blog for more posts like this one!

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