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How Hospital Staffing Partners Simplify Medical Credentialing

Before you hire any medical staff, it’s critical they have the right clinical practice history and academic credentials. The medical credentialing process can be complicated, and if you try to do it on your own, your hiring process will likely take longer than you’d like. Instead of vetting a new hire’s medical credentials on your own, you can turn to a hospital staffing partner specializing in performing medical credentialing services.

What Is the Medical Credential Process Usually Like?

If your healthcare facility’s HR team currently handles your medical credential process when hiring telemedicine, short-term, or long-term staff, they know how time-consuming the process can be. At first, you’ll have to identify what types of medical staff you want to hire, their start date, and the length of their assignment. Next, you’ll have to go through an extensive vetting process for candidates, where you’ll interview candidates and review their credentials.

Typically, a credential vetting process will involve checking a candidate’s licenses, qualifications, career history, specialty certificates, malpractice insurance, education and training history, and residency. This extensive amount of information can take a long time to sift through, especially if your staff members perform the work manually rather than on an electric platform. Applicants may also forget to provide all the necessary information, meaning your team may have to communicate back and forth with a potential hire to receive all the information you need. Additionally, the vetting process usually involves privileging and payor enrollment.

After the new hire is vetted, they’ll have to be approved by stakeholders at your facility. At some point, your team will also run a background check on the new hire, regardless of whether they have a stellar work history or not. The amount of information required and the lengthy vetting process can slow down the hiring process and leave your team short-handed when you need to fill open positions fast.

How Can a Hospital Staffing Partner Make Medical Credentialing Easier for Your Healthcare Facility?

Due to the time-consuming and complicated nature of medical credentialing, it can be a difficult job to handle for in-house staff. Instead of trying to handle all your credentialing needs on your own, work with a medical credential service partner who can handle the process for you. As you consider turning to a hospital staffing partner for your hiring and medical credentialing needs, learn more about how they can simplify the medical credentialing process below:

1. Work with Trusted Medical Credentialing Specialists

At smaller hospitals and private practices, credentialing tends to be overseen by a business office manager or practice manager. This staff member might not know all the ins and outs of medical credentialing, leading to inefficiencies and mistakes. In contrast, hospital staffing partners specialize in medical credentialing, as their specialization enables a faster process.

Even if you’re a larger hospital with an in-house medical credentialing expert, offloading some of the in-house credential work to a hospital staffing partner can lower your team’s workload. Reducing your specialist’s workload can also allow your medical credentialing specialist to have more time to be thorough in their remaining tasks.

2. Use the Most Advanced Electronic Medical Credentialing Platforms

Many hospitals and private practices still use manual processes for credentialing. From requiring medical credentials to be sent by mail to entering information by hand, manually handling these processes can be incredibly time-consuming. It also opens the door for mistakes and redundancies that can lead to longer credentialing processes and hiring errors.

Since medical credentialing is one of the core services hospital staffing partners provide, they often employ the most advanced electronic credentialing platforms. With a cutting-edge electronic platform at their disposal, they can speed up the time it takes for new staff to submit their credentials for specialists to review them. Automating much of the process with electronic platforms can also cut down on human error.

3. Lower Your Risk of Non-Compliance

All your staff must comply with various credentialing and licensing standards to legally work at your facility. Medical credentialing services from a hospital staffing partner can reduce compliance issues due to mistakes during the hiring process. With medical credentialing services, you’ll have credentialing specialists and the latest technology to help you through the entire process. These resources lower the chance of mistakes that lead to hiring non-credentialed staff.

A hospital staffing partner will also stay up to date on the latest compliance standards, ensuring your team is always complying with the most recent regulations. Since hospital staffing partners reduce the risk of non-compliance, they also protect you from lawsuits and fines.

4. Find Local Credentialed Staff

While the Medical Licensure Compact has made it easier for healthcare facilities to hire non-local staff from different states, it still can be a headache to hire staff who have to move to your city. Fortunately, some hospital staffing partners focus on identifying local credentialed staff. For example, OnCall Solutions specializes in hiring qualified physicians and clinicians near you. By finding local staff, OnCall Solutions eliminates travel costs, speeds up the credentialing process, and ensures new staff can start work as soon as possible.

Choose OnCall Solutions for Medical Credentialing Services

If you’re ready to partner with a hospital staffing partner for medical credentialing services, choose OnCall Solutions. Since we specialize in hiring highly qualified short-term and long-term staff for hospitals and private practices, we can deliver all the benefits of working with a hospital staffing partner for your medical credentialing needs. Beyond ensuring new staff members are qualified and credentialed, we’ll work with you to identify candidates that fit your facility’s culture.

Learn more about our facility staffing and medical credentialing services today. If you’re ready to partner with us for medical credentialing services or have any questions, please contact us.

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