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5 Medical Industry Problems Solved by Moonlighting & Locums

The past several years have brought unprecedented challenges to the medical industry, from shortages, to increased employee burnout, to steep spikes in patient occupancy levels. Fortunately, temporary solutions have played a significant role in helping alleviate these medical industry problems

Time and again, locum tenens and moonlighting options have provided healthcare facilities the qualified medical professionals to address their challenges. Here are 5 of the numerous medical industry problems that locum tenens and moonlighting medical professionals help mitigate.

1. Medical Staffing Shortages

Moonlighting and locum tenens medical professionals help provide gap coverage for full-time in healthcare facilities. With the recent shortage of healthcare , moonlighting and locum tenens agencies give healthcare facilities access to pools of qualified and capable who can quickly step in.

With the help of temporary , healthcare facilities now have options in the event of full-time absences due to vacation, health issues, or resignation—so patients are not left without quality care.

2. Medical Worker Burnout

Burnout has long been a significant problem in the medical industry, as full-time are often required to work long hours and deal with unparalleled amounts of stress. For full-time medical to avoid workplace burnout’s harmful effects, they need their medical facility’s assistance. That’s where locum tenens and moonlighting services come in.

Moonlighting and locum tenens agencies help healthcare facilities ensure their full-time maintain a proper work-life balance. When facilities are fully and properly ed, it’s far easier for full-time to take a desperately needed vacation, family medical leave, or rest without letting their organization or patients down.

3. The Burden of Medical Professional Debt

The burden of medical school debt is increasingly wearing down medical professionals, and locum tenens and moonlighting positions can help give them a leg up.

Even low-interest-rate student loans can grow unmanageable. Locum tenens and moonlighting jobs for residents and other medical professionals of all levels of experience help provide the extra, high-paying hours needed to fight compounding interest and pay off debt sooner—before it grows out of hand.

4. Rising Costs of Operation

Understaffed healthcare facilities are expensive ones. These facilities often result in high turnover rates of full-time and tend to have prolonged average lengths of care for patients. Both of these factors contribute to higher overhead costs.

Locum tenens and moonlight positions allow facilities to efficiently scale service to meet patient demand—and generate more revenue. But just because temporary positions allow healthcare facilities to come out ahead doesn’t mean profit is made at the expense of medical professionals’ fair compensation. By balancing locum tenens and full-time , facilities have a more efficient, cost-effective, and patient-forward model to work from.

5. The Need for Better Patient Care

Due to their lack of local providers, many rural and underserved communities have difficulty accessing healthcare services. Moonlighting and locum tenens help increase access by more easily providing healthcare professionals to these communities.

Even in well-populated areas with numerous healthcare options, locum tenens and moonlighting can help improve patients’ quality of care. By minimizing the negative factors of strain on understaffed facilities, moonlighting and locum tenens ensure patients experience the level of care they need and deserve.

OnCall Solutions: A Locum Tenens & Moonlighting Staffing Solution

With unpredictable times of high demand, OnCall Solutions’ locum tenens and moonlighting ing services allow healthcare facilities to adapt to sudden changes in patient occupancy, avoiding strain on full-time .

We’re proud to connect quality professionals to healthcare facilities where they can make the most impact. OnCall Solutions’ model specializes in connecting highly-qualified medical professionals with local facilities to minimize facility costs and maximize patient care.

Are you interested in learning more about our moonlighting and locum tenens solutions? Reach out to us today.

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