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5 Medical Recruitment Strategies for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

As many ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) face critical shortages of nurses, surgical technologists, and physicians, the importance of focused and effective recruitment strategies in healthcare has grown. With a focused medical recruitment strategy, you can attract top talent and fill open roles faster than your competition. If you’re an administrator tasked with hiring qualified medical staff for your ASC, you’ll want to review and implement these top five tips for ASC recruitment strategies in healthcare.

1. Adjust Your Culture, Pay, and Benefits to Appeal to New Candidates

When you want to bring in new candidates, the biggest roadblocks to finding quality ASC staff often relate to your culture, pay, and benefits. In a competitive hiring environment, candidates will have higher expectations for their pay and benefit packages. If you haven’t updated your pay and benefits to industry standard or better, you’ll likely struggle to attract top talent, as they’ll often have higher-paying offers available. You might also consider offering flexible work hours, increased PTO, and other perks to attract talent.

Offering competitive salaries and benefits packages to ASC staff members is a great place to start, but you can take your recruitment to the next level by building a fulfilling workplace culture. For example, you could offer specialized training opportunities to grow employees’ skills and provide opportunities to attend medical conferences. Whether it’s building a community at your center or offering more opportunities to staff, prioritizing your ASC’s culture will often attract better talent.

2. Focus on Increasing Current Employee Engagement

One powerful resource that successful ASCs include in their medical recruitment strategies is their current staff. When your employees enjoy where they work and feel engaged, they’ll be more likely to refer other qualified staff to your ASC. For example, employees who feel like your hospital’s leaders actually listen to them when they bring up concerns are more likely to recommend other qualified healthcare workers to apply.

You can also boost engagement by making sure your employees feel confident that your ASC is providing an exceptional experience to patients and is achieving positive outcomes. Another way to increase engagement is to have your employees submit evaluations of your ASC regularly so you can take action to fix any issues that could lead to employee turnover and put off interested candidates.

3. Utilize Social Media and Online Job Boards

There are more ways to market open positions online than ever before. If you don’t currently advertise on online job boards and medical association sites, you’ll want to begin posting openings on them. LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed are three of the most popular online job boards, and you should always post your openings on them. You can also use targeted advertising tools to attract qualified medical staff on various social media apps.

Alongside utilizing online job boards and social media sites, you may want to attend physician conferences and networking events to find talent. Casting a wide net is crucial to medical recruitment strategies, and combining both in-person and online recruitment efforts allows you to do just that. Once you reach these candidates, ensure you have a simplified online application system in place, a streamlined interview process, and a plan for efficient communications with candidates.

4. Ensure Potential Employees Are Background Checked

While getting new employees in the door is essential when meeting staff shortages, it’s as important to ensure they’re quality candidates who can perform the work they’ve been assigned to do professionally. After all, you don’t want to hire someone only to find out that they have a track record of poor patient care or they don’t have the medical expertise to perform their duties in your ASC. For example, you might check that staff members have a medical degree from an accredited university, a license to practice in your state, and relevant position-specific certifications.

Your HR team might conduct background checks on new hires, but you can often turn to a hospital staffing partner to assist you. A premier hospital staffing partner will screen new candidates, maintain a network of highly qualified candidates, and provide you with candidates who have already passed background checks. A good staffing partner will also check that your background-check standards for new hires meet their own. If these standards are different, the partner should adjust their background checks to accommodate your needs.

5. Work with a Hospital Staffing Partner

Alongside assisting with background checks, hospital staffing partners can provide several recruiting services to your healthcare organization. With a hospital staffing partner in your corner, you can access their network of talent and bring them into your ASC. Since an ASC will already have a relationship with background-checked and talented physicians, nurses, and surgical technologists in or around your area, they can often fill open positions faster than if you tried to handle the recruiting all on your own.

As your staffing partner, they’ll also discuss your goals with you and connect you with potential staff members who fit your culture. When you only need to fill a temporary opening, hospital staffing partners can also provide locum and moonlighting medical staff for your facility. Regardless of whether you need temporary or permanent staff, a hospital staffing partner should have the recruiting expertise necessary to find qualified staff, freeing you up to perform other duties.

Choose OnCall Solutions for Ambulatory Surgery Center Recruitment

As a company dedicated to helping organizations meet their medical recruitment strategies’ goals, OnCall Solutions is ready to fill your ASC recruitment needs. Alongside providing you with qualified medical staff members, our local model reduces or eliminates travel expenses. We also provide turnkey solutions, meaning our billing, credentialing, and billing expertise can simplify your hiring process. We’re also dedicated to serving as your long-term staffing partner, and we’ll work closely with you to find staff who fit your culture and goals.

Learn more about our medical facility recruiting and staffing services today. If you’re ready to receive our medical recruitment solutions or have any questions, please contact us.

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