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Moonlighting & Locum Tenens Assignments: 10 Ways to Choose & Prepare

Moonlighting and locum tenens assignments are excellent avenues to maintain flexible medical careers. Contacting a medical staffing agency is the first step for moonlighting and locum tenens assignments. But with multiple moonlighting and locum tenens assignment offerings, how can you know which to choose?

The medical ing experts at OnCall Solutions often receive questions regarding how to choose and prepare for moonlighting and locum tenens assignments. It’s why we put together this list to help out medical professionals.

For any questions not included in this list, feel free to reach out to OnCall Solutions. We’re here to help!

1. Where is the Moonlighting/Locum Tenens Assignment Located?

Location, of course, is the first thing to note. Even a short-term moonlighting or locum tenens assignment can become taxing if it requires a long commute. That goes double for assignments that require you to move to a new city!

If you aren’t interested in moving for your position, consider seeking medical ing agencies that specialize in finding positions near you.

2. What are the Length Requirements?

Moonlighting and locum tenens assignments will vary with their requested time for . Be sure to assess whether a position fits your timeframe.

Does it suit for goals for your career and personal life? If all else seems good besides the length of the position, it may be worth reaching out to your medical ing agency to see if there’s flexibility with stay requirements.

3. Does the Position Align with Your Career Goals?

Similarly to stay requirements, you want to ensure the assignment suits your career goals.

Will the position give you the tools, skills, and experience to further yourself? Not all positions are equal in this regard, so you’ll want to choose wisely!

4. Compensation?

Compensation will be one of the most critical factors in deciding your position. Will you be paid enough for your labor and expertise?

If you’re unsure whether the compensation is fair for the commitment and your level of expertise, consider reaching out to your medical ing agency for advice.

5. What’s the Type of Medical Facility?

The roles of medical professionals in hospitals, private practices, and other settings will vary greatly, and you want to ensure the fit is right for you.

Moonlighting and locum tenens assignments can help you gain valuable work experience in different facilities. But if you have a strong preference against a specific role, there’s no reason to work in a facility that will require it of you.

6. Assess the Patient Population

The patient population in every community is unique. When selecting your moonlighting or locum tenens assignment, it’s helpful to assess the general age, socioeconomic makeup, and common medical issues of a particular community.

Understanding your patients and the kind of ailments you’ll regularly be treating will be a great way to find early success.

7. Learn About Your Coworkers

Your interviews for moonlighting and locum tenens assignments aren’t just an opportunity for the hiring committee to learn about you. They’re a chance for you to learn about the work community you may be joining.

After your interview, do you have any remaining questions? Your medical ing agency can help put you in touch with additional resources if you’re still looking for more insight.

8. Reach Out to Former Staff

Your medical ing recruiter can help facilitate communication with other locum tenens and moonlighting medical professionals who have worked on a particular assignment.

Their insight can help you learn about the facility, the work culture, and the patient population at large to help you assess whether it’s the right fit.

9. Remain Flexible

Moonlighting and locum tenens assignments can sometimes make for unpredictable work, so it’s essential to remain flexible.

The added confidence you gain from succeeding in new environments can be invaluable. Being prepared is sometimes as simple as expecting the unexpected. It’s also important to recognize that your standard practices may need to adjust in each new setting.

10. Expand Your Network

Whether you’re assessing moonlighting and locum tenens assignments across the country or in your town, selecting a new assignment is a great way to learn about new communities. The process itself can help expand your network and learn more about medical providers at large.

Even if you don’t end up working at a particular facility, the connections you make through your moonlighting and locum tenens selection process can help lead to future opportunities.

OnCall Solutions: Your Moonlighting and Locum Tenens Staffing Agency

OnCall Solutions prides itself on connecting the right moonlighting and locum tenens assignments with medical professionals. We prioritize giving medical professionals opportunities to work in their communities, which helps improve the overall experience of both medical professionals and patients.

Are you interested in finding a local moonlighting or locum tenens assignment? Connect with an OnCall Solutions medical ing recruiter today, and learn how we can find the perfect assignment for you.

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