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What Physicians Want from Recruiters: 4 Tips for Healthcare Facilities

When you need to hire new physicians at your facility, the first step is understanding your staffing needs and the sort of candidates you’re looking for. With that step complete, you’ll need a recruitment plan designed to attract top physicians to your organization.

By understanding what physicians want from recruiters, you can set your recruitment efforts up for success and sign top candidates that fit your organization best.

4 Tips for Recruiting Physicians at Healthcare Facilities

While you attempt to improve your physician recruitment process, you need to pay close attention to what most physicians are looking for from recruiters. If you’re ready to upgrade your recruitment efforts, review the top tips you can follow to tailor your recruitment strategy to what physicians want from recruiters:

1. Career and Community Building Opportunities

Many physicians want to continue to learn and improve while working at your healthcare facility. As a result, it’s essential to highlight career development opportunities at your organization. For instance, research opportunities, mentorship programs, sponsorships for physician conferences, and training options can all appeal to ambitious physicians who want to reach their full potential.

Alongside the need to highlight how your organization can help physicians advance in their careers, it’s a good idea to showcase opportunities for community building. Having regular community-building events and a positive culture will make candidates more willing to sign an offer for long-term employment.

This desire for community also extends beyond your facility, as many physicians like to work for organizations that prioritize community involvement. If you highlight ways your organization helps under-served patients and the local community, you’ll attract physicians who prioritize community service.

2. Competitive Financial Compensation

With staffing shortages affecting the healthcare industry, medical facilities must be willing to offer competitive offers to new hires. Since a shortage of physicians leads to a more competitive hiring process for healthcare organizations, you’ll need to keep track of the standard financial compensation offered to physicians in your area. By ensuring your financial compensation meets or exceeds those offered by competitors, you’ll attract far more physicians to your organization.

It’s also important to simplify your compensation packages for physicians. While some organizations offer complicated compensation models to candidates, this approach can confuse candidates and lead them to accept a clearer offer. Ensuring your compensation offers are straightforward will help to attract talent and speed up the hiring process. That being said, you’ll still want to allow for more complex compensation offers, as some candidates will have more complicated and specific asks.

3.  Scheduling Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

Almost everyone wants a good work-life balance, and physicians are no different. After working long hours during residency, most physicians don’t want to work for an organization that will continue to make them work lengthy shifts or not offer much time off. Even if you offer generous financial compensation to candidates, many will take an offer at a lower-paying healthcare organization that prioritizes work-life balance for their existing staff.

As you prepare your offer for a candidate, your recruiter should listen closely to what the physician wants in terms of work-life balance. For example, remote work opportunities, sabbaticals, paid time off, mental health support, and scheduling flexibility can all promote greater work-life balance and attract talent.

Once you understand what perks your candidate is looking for at a healthcare organization, you can tailor your offer to give them the balance they desire.

4. Streamlined and Responsive Application and Interview Processes

Like most professionals, applying for open positions is not something physicians usually enjoy or look forward to. A complicated and lengthy application and interview process will frustrate applicants and raise the chances another organization can recruit them before you. Taking time to build a simplified online application system and adjusting the interview and evaluation processes to only include what’s necessary will give applicants a more positive view of your organization.

During the application process, recruiters should also be quick to respond to any applicant questions by email or phone. If your recruiter is slow to respond, the physician might be snatched up by another organization, and it can sour the physician’s view of your organization.

Recruiters who quickly respond to questions about the application, interview requirements, and other aspects of the job will be more likely to land top talent.

Choose OnCall Solutions for Medical Staffing Solutions

Handling your healthcare organization’s temporary and permanent recruiting needs can be difficult when you don’t have a knowledgeable team in your corner. At OnCall Solutions, we aim to streamline healthcare organizations’ medical staffing needs by assisting with the recruitment and onboarding of locum tenens and permanent staff.

With our deep understanding of what physicians want from recruiters, we can quickly find qualified staff for your facility. Due to our local model, we can hire candidates faster and reduce or eliminate travel expenses. After recruiting staff, we can also provide operational, credentialing, and billing services to simplify onboarding and free up your team to focus on other tasks.

Learn more about our medical facility staffing solutions today. If you have any questions or want to find out more about how we become your long-term medical facility staffing partner, please contact us.

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