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How Much Do CRNAs Make?: A Guide to CRNA Salaries

As a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), you have lots of options for where you can work and the money you can make. Before you begin applying for positions and negotiating your salary, it’s important to know the average CRNA salary and how various factors can affect that pay. You may also want to know the average locum tenens, moonlighting, and travel CRNA salary, as it can help you decide whether you should apply for permanent or temporary positions.

Below, our data is pulled from the Bureau of Labor StatisticsGaswork and other CRNA salary job board sites, and CRNA salary data analyzed by medical staffing experts at OnCall Solutions.

How Much Do W-2 CRNAs Make on Average?

In 2024, the salary for full-time W-2 CRNAs typically ranges from $170,000 – $425,000 annually, or $81 – $204 per hour.

Remember that salaries are highly influenced by your level of experience, location, volume of cases, types of cases, and specialty.

How Much Money Can 1099 CRNAs Make?

In 2024, work as a 1099 CRNA can earn you more money than traditional W-2 full-time positions. For 1099 CRNAs, we see pay rates between $180 – $250 per hour, or $346,860 – $481,750 annually.

1099 CRNA positions often include locum CRNAs, travel CRNAs, and moonlighting positions. If you’d like to make more money as a CRNA and enjoy the flexibility of more temporary positions, you might want to consider these options. Since CRNAs in these positions are regularly used by medical facilities to fill gaps in their team or cover for staff on leave, healthcare organizations are often willing to pay very reasonable wages.

Typically, working with a staffing agency and their recruiters can help you land higher pay for locum tenens, moonlighting, and travel CRNA positions. When you reach out to an agency, they’ll take into a number of factors, such as your desired scheduling flexibility, contract length, location needs, and professional and personal goals. With this information, they can help you land high-paying positions that fit your needs.

What Factors Affect a CRNA’s Pay?

Several factors could impact your pay as you look for a CRNA position. These include:

Location: The state and city where you work as a CRNA can significantly impact your pay. Urban areas typically pay more than rural areas, though often at the price of a higher cost of living.

Volume of Cases: Healthcare organizations with high volume will often compensate CRNAs more.

Types of Cases: Positions that require cardiac, trauma, and pediatric CRNA specialists will often offer higher compensation packages.

No Weekend and/or No-Call Positions: These positions likely will have a lower annual salary—but some CRNAs might consider that a worthwhile trade-off.

1099 Work: Travel, moonlighting, and locums CRNAS consistently make higher per-hour wages than traditional W-2 CRNAs.

Alongside the type of organization you work for, your years of experience and certifications can affect your pay and the job title you receive. Since some specialties may pay more and some CRNAs can move into management roles, you’ll want to consider how your specialty, experience, and certifications might affect your salary and advancement potential.

Turn to OnCall Solutions for CRNA Staffing Services

As a leading staffing agency for CRNAs and many other medical professionals, OnCall Solutions can help you land a CRNA position that supports your lifestyle and pay requirements. Whether you’re looking for a full-time, moonlighting, or locum tenens CRNA position, our recruiters will take the time to understand your goals and place you at one of our medical facility partners. Alongside using our nationwide network to secure positions for our CRNAs, we can assist with malpractice insurance, medical credentialing, and other HR tasks to make the transition to a new position easy.

Learn more about our CRNA staffing services today. If you have any questions or want to connect with one of our recruiters, please contact us.

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